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Booking A Space

What happens after I send a booking request? 

Your request will be sent to the Host and they’ll have 24 hours to respond. If the Host accepts your request, you’ll be connected together so you can ask questions, chat about the booking and arrange a viewing. 

I want to view the space and chat to the Host before I commit to taking the space. Can I do this? 

Of course! If you want to view the space, you just need to send a booking request so we can connect you together. If the Host accepts your request, you’ll be able to arrange a viewing directly with them. 

You can change your start date or cancel the request up until 2 days before the booking is set to start. 

Why do I need to submit a photo of my ID? 

We ask everyone on Stashbee to verify their identity before they can send or receive booking requests. This helps us to keep the platform safe and ensures we only connect real users who are genuinely interested. It should also help to give you some extra peace of mind if you have to share personal details or meet up in person.

Find out more about verifying your identity. 

Why do I need to enter my payment details to send a booking request? 

Adding a payment when you send a request helps us to ensure our Hosts only receive requests from people who are genuinely interested.

All Stashbee bookings are managed by our cashless payment system, so it also helps to ensure your Host can be paid on time if you do decide to use the space. 

Find out more about adding a payment method. 

Can I cancel my booking request? 

Sure! Just make sure you cancel at least 2 days before your start date to avoid being charged.

If you’ve already confirmed the booking, there’s a cooling off period for cancellations. Learn more. 

How will I pay for the space?

You’ll be charged for the space on a monthly basis, starting from the day before your booking starts. All payments are managed through our secure, cashless payment provider Stripe. You can find details about your past and upcoming payments in your dashboard

Find out more about keeping your payments safe. 

Are my things protected? 

Your things will be insured for up to £1000 whilst in storage with a Stashbee Host. The policy is designed by Guardhog and is underwritten by Hiscox. 

This policy doesn’t cover insurance for vehicles that are being stored or parked in a Stashbee space. Please make sure your vehicle is sufficiently insured before storing or parking it with Stashbee. 

If you have any questions, including information on how the policy works or how to make a claim, please call Guardhog on 0207 199 6610, email [email protected], or look at www.guardhog.com.

Are there any restricted items?

For legal and safety reasons, there are a few items which are totally banned from being stored with a Stashbee Host:

  • Any kind of weapon (including guns), explosives, munitions or fireworks
  • Anything flammable, including petrol, gas, oil, paint, white spirit or lighter fluid
  • Anything illegal, including any class of drug, drug paraphernalia, stolen property or anything which you can get arrested for possessing
  • Any kind of food, drink or perishable good, including fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese
  • Anything which was (or is!) alive, including animals, plants, insects, fungus or bacteria
  • Anything which produces a strong smell, produces gas, leaks liquid, or is damp
  • Any container of liquid
  • Anything hazardous, toxic, polluted, contaminated or radioactive
  • Anything that creates noises
  • Anything which generates heat
  • Anything which may increase in size and/or burst
  • Anything damp, mouldy, rotten or moth-infested
  • Any cash or securities

How often can I access my things whilst they’re in storage? 

This will depend on the space you’ve chosen. You can find details about access arrangements within each listing. Once you connect with a Host, you’ll be able to chat about your access requirements in more detail.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Most of our spaces require a deposit of 1 month’s rental. Spaces that have key access will also require a key deposit. You can find specific details within each listing.  

Find out more about putting down a deposit. 

Are there any extra charges?

No. You’ll only be charged for the listing price of the space. There will only be extra charges if you use additional services, such as transport and packaging.

Will I pay VAT on my booking?

You’ll only pay VAT if you’re storing with a VAT registered Host. This will be detailed in your payment invoices. 

I’m ready to end my booking. What do I need to do?

You need to give your Host 1 month’s notice to end your booking. You can do this within your booking dashboard.

The notice period can sometimes vary, depending on the space you’ve booked. Please check your booking for more details. 



Hosting A Space

How much can I earn? 

This will depend on the type of space you have, where it’s located and how big it is. You can get a rough estimate of how different space types are priced on our Become a Host page. 

If you would like a specific quote, you can chat with our Host Onboarding team by calling 0800 112 3898.

Does Stashbee charge any fees? 

We charge a VAT inclusive service fee on all bookings. This is included in the listing price and there are no additional fees. 

How does Stashbee price spaces?

We’ll price your space based on the amount you want to earn. The listing price is calculated to include your earnings, our service fee and VAT.

How will I get paid?

Your monthly earnings will be paid directly into your bank account, typically at the end of each monthly rental period. 

You can find a clear summary of your earnings and payout dates within your booking dashboard

What are my responsibilities as a Host?

Hosts need to make sure that their listings are accurate and up to date. If there are any significant changes to a space, you should let us know as soon as possible.

Booking requests time out after 24 hours, so Hosts also need to make sure that they respond as soon as possible. 

How does Stashbee make being a Host safe?

We ask everyone on Stashbee to verify their identity and payment method before they can connect with other users. This helps to keep the platform safe and should give you peace of mind if you have to share personal details or meet in person. 
Once you accept a request, you’ll be able to speak to the Guest before they move in to your space. If you change your mind, you’ll be able to cancel free of charge until the day before the booking is due to start. 

Through our Ts & Cs and storage agreements, we provide a legal framework for all bookings made on the platform.

What’s the best way to manage key exchanges?

We always advise you to meet your Guest in person to exchange keys. If this isn’t possible, we recommend using KeyNest. All you need to do is book online, drop the keys off at one of their secure locations and share the collection code with your Guest. They’ll then be able to collect the keys at their convenience. 

Do I need to provide notice to terminate my booking? 

Yes. You’ll need to provide at least 2 months’ written notice to end an active booking. You can do this by emailing [email protected] or by giving us a call on 0800 112 3898. 

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