What is Stashbee?

Stashbee is a way for you to easily, safely and cheaply store the things you care about with trusted people nearby.

Unlike other storage companies - who use warehouses miles away from your home - we curate storage hosts near you who care about giving people's extra stuff a loving home.

Why Stashbee?

Here’s what our customers say:

  • STORE NEAR YOU - Hundreds of local Storage Hosts to choose from.
  • SAVE ON YOUR STORAGE BILL - On average 50% cheaper compared to normal self-storage.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Clear contract, no hidden charges or cancellation penalties.

Where can I use Stashbee?

We focus on London, but operate across the UK

How do I start Stashbee'ing?

Well... here are some useful links to get you started:



Are my things protected?

Stashbee, together with GUARDHOG, have specifically designed insurance to cover Guests' stuff when it is in storage with a Stashbee Host. GUARDHOG is underwritten by Hiscox Limited, a global insurer with an A+ rating by Fitch.

If you have any questions, including information on how the policy works or how to make a claim, please call GUARDHOG on 0207 199 6610, email [email protected], or look at

GuardHog is a registered trading name of Insurance Tailors limited, a company registered in England and Wales number 5928330, whose registered office is at 1a May Road, London, TW2 6QW. Insurance Tailors is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How secure are the storage locations?

Every single host location is individually vetted by the Stashbee team, and all comply with the following criteria:

  • Hosts: trustworthy, friendly people willing to look after your stuff
  • Lockable: fully and securely lockable locations
  • Dry: watertight, free of damp
  • Accessible: access for the Guest varies from location to location (see “can I access my things?”)
  • Additional security features: where additional security features are available, such as security cameras, alarms, security guards, or code protected access points, these will be communicated clearly to you prior to confirming your booking.

How does Stashbee verify Hosts?

  • Host identity verification: each Hosts’ identity is verified by Stashbee via our back ground check partners Onfido, and we meet each and every one of them in person.
  • Feedback and ratings: a review and feedback systems is in place to ensure the delivery of consistently excellent service.

Are there any restricted items?

For legal and safety reasons, there are a few items which are totally banned from being stored through Stashbee:

  • Any kind of weapon (including guns), explosives, munitions or fireworks
  • Anything flammable, including petrol, gas, oil, paint, white spirit or lighter fluid
  • Anything illegal, including any class of drug, drug paraphernalia, stolen property or anything which you can get arrested for possessing
  • Any kind of food, drink or perishable good, including fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese.
  • Anything which was (or is!) alive, including animals, plants, insects, fungus or bacteria.
  • Anything which produces a strong smell, produces gas, leaks liquid, or is damp.
  • Any container of liquid
  • Anything hazardous, toxic, polluted, contaminated or radioactive
  • Anything that creates noises
  • Anything which generates heat
  • Anything which may increase in size and/or burst
  • Anything damp, mouldy, rotten or moth-infested
  • Any cash or securities

How can I access my things?

Access will vary from host to host. Please tell us how much access you need when requesting storage and we will ensure to match you to a host who is happy to provide that level of access.

What happens after I make a reservation request?

After you make a storage request, Stashbee will match you with an appropriate host and be in touch to coordinate the details.


How do I know what I’m storing is safe?

T's and C's: Guests who are storing items must formally agree to the Stashbee terms and conditions, which clearly details a full list of banned items. These can be found here.

Background checks: all Guests are background checked by Stashbee via our specialist partners Onfido

How and when will I get paid?

Your storage fees are managed by stashbee and paid directly into your bank account 1 month in arrears. We'll always provide a clear summary of how much you're getting paid and why.

What are my responsibilities as a host?

  • Responsiveness - Hosts should respond to bookings and communications within 24 hours of receiving messages, though we understand that some times this is not possible.
  • Security - it is the host's responsibility to look after Guests property and treat it like it is their own.
  • Maintenance - it is the host’s responsibility to make sure the storage site is well maintained to avoid any potential damage to Guest boxes e.g. Damp.

What happens if a customer stops payment?

The Stashbee Guarantee - Hosts will always be paid irrespective of customer payment.

If a customer stops payment Stashbee will attempt to reestablish payment. If payment is not reestablished, the stored items will be considered abandoned 30 days after the first missed payment. These will be removed, donated, recycled or sold by one of our partners.

Please do not ever handle or remove a Guest’s items by yourself. Always contact [email protected] for assistance.

How do I know how much space I have?

Just measure your available space (height, width and length) and email it across to us at [email protected] and we will calculate how many stuff you have space for.

How much can I earn?

This depends on the type of space you have, and where it is location. For example, if you are able to store 20 boxes priced per-item, you would be able to make approximately £960 a year. A garage which is being used at close to full capacity can earn in excess £6000 per year depending on size and location. If you have any specific questions about this, please contact [email protected].

Need Some Help?

Chat to one of our team members about your storage or hosting requirements. We're here to help.