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Serving Notice


If your booking works on a monthly rolling contract, you or your Host have to give notice to end the booking. 

 Serving Notice

Most monthly bookings need at least
 1 month’s notice before they can end. You can serve notice from the menu in your booking dashboard.

Before you serve notice, you need to make sure you’ve reached the minimum rental period for your booking. You can view this in the booking details section of your dashboard. 

If your end date falls outside of the typical monthly rental period, we’ll calculate your final payment on a pro-rata basis. We’ll let you know how much your final payment is as soon as you serve notice. 

 Remember: Your monthly booking will continue until notice is served from your booking dashboard. We don’t monitor the chat room, so your booking won’t end if you verbally serve notice to your Host. 

Receiving Notice

Your Host will need to give you at least 2 months’ notice if they want to end your monthly storage booking. For parking bookings, Hosts can give 1 month’s notice. 

They’ll need to get in touch with us to do this, but you’ll be notified straight away. 

If your Host’s end date falls outside of the typical monthly rental period, we’ll calculate your final payment on a pro-rata basis.