Getting Paid


 The fun bit!

Your bookings will be set up with our cashless payment system, so your monthly earnings will be paid directly into your bank account. Woohoo! 

Your first payment will be 1 month after the booking starts, and you’ll continue to get paid on that date every month. We’ll send you an email when it’s payday. 

A clear summary of your upcoming payments can be found in your booking dashboard, and you can also view and download individual invoices for your records. 


 Remember: You should never have to receive money outside of Stashbee. Learn more about how we protect your payments.

 Setting up your payouts

Our payment provider, Stripe, might need you to verify your bank account before they can set up your Host payouts. To do this, you might be asked for additional documents (such as proof of address).

This is just an additional verification step to confirm your identity or business credentials, and it ensures our payment provider, Stripe, is compliant with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) obligations.

Not so fun, we know! But it helps to improve security and prevent fraud.


Verifying your bank account:
  1. Add your bank account to your account dashboard
  1. Click “Verify Bank Account” and follow the instructions provided by Stripe
  1. Upload the relevant documents

Verify My Bank Account ›

Note: We might not be able to set up your Host payouts until your bank account is verified with Stripe.

Getting Paid