Making a Booking


 Booking Requests

When you’ve decided that a space is right, you can request to book it by putting down a deposit. The Host will then have 24 hours to accept and confirm the booking.

When the Host accepts, your booking is confirmed and the space is yours to use. We take the space off the market as soon as the booking is confirmed, so no one else can book it.

You’ll be prompted to add your payment method whilst making a booking request, or you can add it to your account dashboard at any time. 

Find A Space ➤

 Instant Bookings

If you see this option on a listing, that means the Host is happy to take any booking without having to accept individual requests.

All you need to do is pay for the space and your booking will be confirmed. Perfect if you’re in a hurry or if you’re certain that the space is right for you!  

Paying for Your Booking

When you pay for a space, the funds will be held in your account, but not charged until the Host confirms. The money will be withdrawn from your account only after the Host accepts your booking request.

 Remember: If the Host doesn’t accept your request, your funds will be released back into your account automatically. 

Your monthly payments will be managed by our secure payment provider Stripe. We don’t store your payment details on our servers, and we’ll never share your details with anybody else.

Your First Monthly Rental charge is due the day before your booking is set to start. Your subsequent payments will be charged automatically on a monthly basis until you or the Host serves notice to end the booking. 

Paying for your booking through Stashbee helps to keep your booking protected by our Guest Insurance, Booking Agreement and Cancellations and Refunds Policy.

 Remember: You should never have to send money outside of Stashbee. Find out more about how we protect your payments.