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Putting Down a Deposit


Some spaces need a security deposit before the booking can start. Deposits are refundable at the end of the booking as long as there’s no damage to the space, no outstanding payments, and no items left behind.

You can put down a deposit in your booking dashboard as soon as you’re ready to book a space. 

Security Deposits

By paying a security deposit, you create a booking request which we send to the Host.

Once the Host accepts, your booking is confirmed, and we’ll take the space off the market to prevent anybody else from booking it.

The security deposit is refundable once the booking ends, but may be used to cover:

  • The costs of repairing any damage to the space if caused by the Guest
  • Any missed payments still due to the Host or any late payment fees
  • The loss or damage of a key, fob or parking permit
  • The removal of items left behind at the end of the booking

A proportion of your security deposit may also be retained if you cancel a confirmed booking after the end of the Cooling Off period. Find out more about cancelling a booking.