Putting Down a Deposit


Most bookings need a deposit before the booking can start. Deposits are refundable at the end of the booking as long as there’s no damage to the space, no outstanding payments and no items left behind.

You can put down a deposit ahead of your booking in your booking dashboard, or your payment method will be charged the day before your booking is set to start.

In some cases, deposits may be retained if you cancel a confirmed booking. Find out more about cancelling a booking. 

Note: We aim to refund deposits within 14 days of the booking end date.


Rental Deposits

The rental deposit will confirm your booking and secure the space ahead of the start date.

Once the rental deposit has been paid, we’ll take the space off the market to prevent anybody else from booking it. 

The rental deposit is refundable once the booking ends, but may be used to cover the costs of damage repair or the removal of items if something goes wrong.

The rental deposit may also be used to cover cancellations of confirmed bookings, missed payments and late fees. 

Key Deposits

Some bookings might also need a key deposit. The key deposit is fully refundable once the booking ends, but may be used to cover the cost of lost, damaged or unreturned keys and fobs.