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Booking Protection


Verified Hosts

We ask Stashbee Hosts to verify their identity, so you can feel safer knowing your Host has been pre-verified. Just look out for the ID Verified badge on listing pages. 

 Remember: Some listings will also need you to go through some verification steps before you can make a booking.  Learn more about how to verify your account. 

Booking Terms

We’ll ask you to sign our Booking Terms before your booking starts. They cover a few standard provisions and form part of your Move-in Checklist

The terms will help to keep your booking protected if anything goes wrong, so it’s important to review and sign them before you move in. We ask your Host to sign them too.

Once the terms are fully signed, we’ll send you both a copy for your records. You’ll also be able to find them in the Documents section of your booking dashboard


We’ll insure your stuff for up to £1000 whilst it’s being stored with your Host, so you can feel better knowing you’re protected if something goes wrong. 

The policy is designed by Guardhog and is underwritten by Hiscox, and is specifically designed to cover your items whilst they’re being stored with a Stashbee Host.

The policy doesn’t cover insurance for vehicles that are being stored or parked in a Stashbee space, so it’s important to make sure your vehicle is sufficiently insured before your booking starts. 

 Remember: Don’t forget to add a full list of the items you're storing to the Inventory section of your Move-in Checklist. You’ll need it if you ever have to make an insurance claim.
 Top tip:  It’s a good idea to take photos of the space and your items when you move your stuff in. You can send the photos to your Host using Stashbee Chat in your booking dashboard. 

Stashbee Support

We’re here to make finding and booking space safe, simple and hassle-free, so we’ll make sure we’re on hand to help throughout your booking. You can send us an email, or speak to a real human over the phone when our offices are open. 

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