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Brighton is often dubbed the happiest place in the UK - after all, who doesn't love to kick back on the beach with some fish and chips? Whether you're heading there for business or pleasure, nothing throws a wrench in your plans (and your mood) more than parking problems.

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Book Parking in Brighton & Hove

We've made it easy for you to book your long-term parking space in Brighton & Hove with a simple three-step process.

Here's how you do it:

1.Explore your parking options by location. All you need to do is type in the postcode you’re looking to park in, and you’ll be met with loads of options to choose from. Enter the dates when you'd like to reserve your space, and then you'll be ready to move on to the next step.

2.Connect with one of our verified Hosts and fire away with any questions you may have about the parking space. Stashbee is all about making sure you know what to expect, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident about your long-term parking space.

3. Book your space and submit your payment. You should get confirmation back from your Host in less than 24 hours, at which point, we'll take your payment and BOOM - the space is yours.

Can’t wait 24 hours? Keep your eyes peeled for the "Book Instantly" toggle when searching Stashbee for long-term parking in Brighton & Hove, and the spot will be all yours, no waiting required!

How Much Does Booking a Parking Space Cost?

On a budget? We hear you! Here's a little lifehack for getting the best possible price for your long-term parking in Brighton & Hove:

When choosing a spot, simply filter your search to match your budget. Once you've nailed down an option that suits your vibe, you can pay for a month via credit or debit card, and it's all yours.

Things that may affect the price of long-term parking in Brighton & Hove:

  • Location

  • Amenities like security cameras, lighting, alarms, or gates

  • Size of the space

  • Demand

But we'll tell you this much: Stashbee will NEVER surprise you with unexpected fees, and what you see on the listing is exactly what you’ll pay.

Our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

We at Stashbee have always prioritised the health and safety of our Guests, Hosts, and team. But let's face it, safety has been more important than ever amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These days, more and more people are investing in vehicles and ditching crowded public transit. Because of this, we have kicked into high gear to help everyone find the perfect space for their vehicle.

If you're curious about what we're doing to keep everyone safe, we invite you to please read our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines and COVID-19 updates. Stashbee will continue to follow recommendations and best practices from the NHS and pivot wherever and whenever we need to.

Here are some of our COVID-19 safety strategies:

  • Social distancing measures

  • Virtual viewings

  • Booking flexibility

  • Contactless key handovers via KeyNest

  • Additional deep cleaning measures when needed

How Am I Protected When I Book with Stashbee?

At Stashbee, we work to ensure that your booking is safe, convenient, and affordable, no matter what. That's precisely why we put together our Terms and Conditions, Cancellations & Refunds Policy and Guest Insurance, to give our Guests and Hosts alike the peace of mind they need from a long-term parking space.

Now, let's dig a little further into the details to see how we protect you and your booking from any unexpected problems.

1.Booking protection

We don't want to leave you wondering whether or not you can trust your Host. To avoid uncertainty, look for the "ID Verified" badge on any listings you like to be 100% sure. We confirm that every Host we work with is who they say they are. As another layer of protection, we'll request that you and your Host sign our Booking Terms, which protect everyone from confusion or unexpected mishaps. After all, getting on the same page is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

2. Payment protection

Stripe, our secure payment processing partner, safely handles all your debit or credit card payments. If you're concerned about your personal information being sold or shared, you can rest easy knowing that all of your personal details will stay between you and Stripe.

3.Deposit protection

We require a 100% refundable deposit to cover:

  • Potential missed payments

  • Damage to the space

  • Left-behind or lost items

If none of these problems arises, you'll get the entirety of your deposit back when your rental period ends. Just remember, when you book with Stashbee, you can count on us having your back, every step of the way.

Where Is the Cheapest Parking in Brighton?

Technically, you can find low-cost or free parking in a fair few spots across Brighton & Hove. But it won't be easy. Why? Because the lion's share of on-street parking is limited to either blue badge holders or those with resident permits. Free parking for visitors can be tricky to find, so if you discover what looks to be a free space, be sure to check the nearby signposts and confirm that you are not illegally parked. Nothing ruins a day at the sea like surprise penalty charges and parking fines.

Where Do You Park for Brighton Seafront?

Seafront pay & display spaces fluctuate in cost based on length of your stay and the time of year. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to pay for parking near the Brighton Seafront:

Seafront outer zone - Madeira Drive, west of the Madeira lift (spring and summer):

  • 1 hour- £1.10

  • 2 hours- £2.10

  • 4 hours- £4.50

  • 11 hours- £7.60

Seafront inner zone - Marine Parade and King's Road:

  • 1 hour- £3.70

  • 2 hours- £7.00

  • 4 hours- £11.70

  • 11 hours- £17.00

How Do You Pay for Parking in Brighton?

If you haven’t secured your own long-term parking space in Brighton & Hove through Stashbee, be sure to keep the following tips in mind regarding pay & display parking, so you don't run into any issues:

  • Observe any signs and lines on the road to confirm you are indeed parked in a pay & display bay.

  • Always confirm the maximum amount of time you can make use of a parking bay.

  • Confirm the tariff on the machine.

  • Deposit the correct payment amount.

  • Once your payment is accepted, press the green button to receive your ticket.

The following situations may result in parking fines:

  • Overstaying the maximum time allotment.

  • Not following any rules or regulations posted on street signs nearby.

Or, how about this - avoid the hassle altogether by securing a safe, dry, clean and affordable parking space in Brighton & Hove with Stashbee today!

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