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Information about Liverpool City Centre Parking

Liverpool City Centre, located in the heart of Liverpool, England, is a thriving and lively hub. With a population exceeding 500,000, it serves as a bustling commercial, cultural, and entertainment district.
The Liverpool Waterfront, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds a treasure trove of museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops. Additionally, this area proudly showcases iconic landmarks such as the Liver Building, Royal Liver Building, and the Museum of Liverpool.

Renowned for its vibrant nightlife and shopping scene, Liverpool City Centre offers a wide range of shops, boutiques, and department stores. Notably, the Liverpool ONE complex is a popular destination for visitors. Moreover, the city centre boasts a vibrant arts and music scene, with its numerous theatres, concert venues, and cultural festivals.


Parking in Liverpool City Centre

Parking in Liverpool City Centre provides a range of convenient options for residents and visitors alike. Throughout the city centre, you'll find well-maintained multi-story car parks offering ample spaces for vehicles. These car parks cater to both short-term and long-term parking needs.

For a convenient car parking in Liverpool City Centre, Q-Park Liverpool ONE is an excellent choice. Another option worth considering is NCP Moorfields, which is conveniently located for central Liverpool parking.

On-street parking spaces equipped with pay-and-display machines are available. However, it's crucial to adhere to parking regulations and restrictions to avoid penalties. Additionally, certain city centre hotels may provide parking facilities for their guests.

Keep in mind that city centre parking in Liverpool can get busy during peak times. Nevertheless, various options are accessible to both locals and visitors, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience.


Nearby Attractions

The Beatles Story

For avid fans of the iconic band, The Beatles Story stands as an essential attraction. It offers a captivating exploration of their path to global stardom, featuring engaging exhibits and interactive displays.


Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. There are breathtaking views of the city from the tower. Its worth exploring the beautiful interior, and learning about its rich history and significance.


The Royal Albert Dock

Discover the Royal Albert Dock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The waterfront area is home to the Tate Liverpool, which has an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. The Merseyside Maritime Museum, showcasing Liverpool's maritime heritage.


The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club is the birthplace of the Beatles. Experience live music in an intimate underground setting, reliving the atmosphere that propelled the Fab Four to fame.


Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery, houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative art. The gallery has European masterpieces as well as contemporary works. It offers a diverse range of artistic styles providing a cultural experience.


Public Transport

Liverpool City Centre is well-connected by a reliable and efficient public transport system. The city offers a network of buses, trains, and ferries, allowing easy access many destinations within and outside the city. Public transport options in Liverpool City Centre make getting around convenient and accessible.


Renting out your Parking Space with Stashbee

If you have a parking space in Liverpool City Centre you can rent it out with Stashbee. Our platform turns unused parking spots into sources of income.
Your potential earnings depend on factors like location and space type. Use our free earnings calculator to estimate your earnings based on current Stashbee hosts in Liverpool.



Free parking options in Liverpool City Centre are limited. There are some areas where free on-street parking may be available for a limited time. However, it's important to carefully check the signage for parking restrictions to avoid fines. Paid parking facilities like multi-storey city centre car parks, can be more convenient for parking in the centre of town.

Parking on a single yellow line in Liverpool City Centre is generally not permitted during the restricted hours. Single yellow lines indicate specific parking restrictions, and compliance with the regulations is important to avoid penalties. Utilizing designated parking areas or considering alternative parking options is advisable to ensure compliance with the rules.

Yes, Liverpool City Centre offers Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations to cater to the growing number of electric vehicles. Various charging points are conveniently located throughout the city centre, including public car parks and designated charging stations. EV owners can easily find and utilize these charging facilities to power up their vehicles while exploring the city.

Yes, Liverpool City Centre provides designated disabled parking spaces to accommodate the needs of disabled drivers. Valid disabled parking permits or Blue Badges are required to park in these designated spaces.

In Liverpool City Centre, overnight parking rules may vary depending on the specific parking area or facility. Some car parks may offer overnight parking options, while others may have restrictions or additional charges. During weekends and bank holidays, parking regulations and charges may also differ. It's advisable to check the signage of the specific parking facility to understand the rules and charges applicable during these times.

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