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Rent a Parking Space in Wembley

If you’re finding it hard to find a decent parking spot in Wembley, you’re not alone. Many commuters in the area share your pain. Daily. But no more! Stashbee is here to introduce affordable, hassle-free parking space options in town.

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How to Book Your Wembley Parking Space

So how do you go about booking a parking space in Wembley? It’s simple, really, and only takes a couple of minutes. You don’t even have to get up from where you are if you’ve got your phone with you.

  1. Start by heading to our parking space page (or, uh, just scrolling up) and entering your location or postcode. In a few seconds, you’ll be able to see all the available listings in the Wembley area.

  2. Next, find the one that catches your eye (and price range). Enter the dates you need a parking space for, with a minimum term of one month.

  3. Lastly, hit the ‘Book Space’ button, and the potential Host will get back to you in 24 hours to confirm your booking.

Side note: If you don’t have an account with us yet, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment details before the request is sent. Save yourself a bit of trouble by signing up for an account first, and adding your details upfront.

Safe Bookings - Guaranteed

It goes without saying that bookings with us are as safe and secure as they come. We’ve built in a couple of protections to help you as a Guest (and the potential Host) feel confident about the process.

Deposit protection

Some Hosts may require a security deposit before they confirm your booking. The amount will be added to your first payment, held in your account when the request is sent, and processed as soon as the request is approved. This security deposit plays a bigger role for storage space rentals, where the likelihood of damage or loss is slightly higher.

The deposit is fully refundable at the end of your booking as long as there are no payment arrears or other problems. A portion of the security deposit might be used to cover a booking cancellation outside of the 24-hour cooling off period as well.

Booking protection

Another layer of protection that guarantees safe bookings for Guests is that we only approve listings from Hosts who have verified their identities (take note of this, cyborgs and bots). If you’re seeing a listing on our site, the Host has already been vetted and is a confirmed human being with an actual bay to rent out.

Our Booking Terms also offer a layer of protection that covers both Hosts and Guests at all times. The terms have to be signed by both parties before the rental happens, with copies sent out so everyone is on the same page right from day one.

Payment protection

Payments for all bookings are done via credit or debit card. At Stashbee, all transactions are facilitated by Stripe, a secure payment processing company. Because of this, we don’t store any of your payment details on our own servers. Ever.

As an added protection, always insist that any transactions take place directly on the Stashbee platform. When payments or refunds happen offline, neither party is covered by our Terms and Conditions. This makes it impossible to submit a claim in the unlikely event that the booking doesn’t go according to plan.


Is It Safe to Book During COVID-19?

Yes, it’s safe to book during COVID-19. We’ve taken precautions to make sure everyone feels as comfortable with our process as possible.

When lockdown first kicked off, we created a dedicated page for COVID-19 updates in order to help our Guests and Hosts stay informed. The page offers details about virtual viewings, pick up and drop off services for storage rentals, booking flexibility, and more.

The most notable change has to do with the extension of the cooling off period after Guests have made a booking. This is typically a 24-hour window when it’s possible to cancel a booking with a full refund. To lend a helping hand to everyone during the day-to-day uncertainties of the pandemic, it’s now temporarily possible to cancel a booking outside of this period. All you need to do is send us proof that the cancellation is linked to the pandemic.


How Much is Parking at Wembley Station?

If you’re curious about how affordable a Stashbee parking space rental can be, you only have to compare our listing prices with the day rate at Wembley Station to get a good idea.

Sure, pre-booking a parking spot at Wembley Station Car Park can be very convenient, especially when big events are being held at the stadium. For day-to-day parking, however, it can end up being a very expensive exercise.

All day parking costs £20, which would set you back £400 for the entire month if you only parked there on weekdays. The average listing price for a Stashbee parking space in Wembley is considerably cheaper, coming in at around £75 to £118 per month. A no brainer? We think so.

Where Do You Park at Wembley BOXPARK?

Wembley BOXPARK has been a food, cultural, and social hotspot for the last decade, giving people incredible pop-up dining and shopping experiences - right up until the pandemic hit.

Parking at the venue is harder than you might think, and organisers suggest you bite the bullet and pay the £20 fee at Wembley Station Car Park around the corner.

You can also apply for a BOXPARK Black Card, which gives three hours of free parking to all members in a different car park. As with most memberships, joining involves a fair bit of admin, which might not be a route you’re keen to go down.

An alternative option is securing your own parking space rental nearby. If you’re planning on visiting BOXPARK a few times a week when the pandemic ends, doing so could mean you avoid day rates at Wembley Station altogether.

Do I Need to Pay a Congestion Charge to Go to Wembley?

You might. To curb high traffic and air pollution, Transport for London has introduced a congestion charge for most vehicles entering Central London. The charge applies between 7am and 10pm on nearly all days of the year, with Christmas being the only exception.

The congestion charge used to set people back £10 per car, but due to its temporary suspension at the start of the pandemic, it has increased to £15. Drivers who don’t pay on the spot have three days to pay, at an even higher rate of £17.50.

The good news is that Wembley is outside the congestion charge zone. To avoid ever having to pay that fee, talk to your parking space Host about the best way to reach them without having to drive through Central London, if possible.

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