Earn Money Renting Out Your Parking Space

Renting your Parking Space with Stashbee is a secure, hassle-free way of earning from your idle space. Stashbee has hundreds of requests each week for spaces like yours.

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Some Of Our Hosts


Provided Nick and Chris with secure garage space

Size: 120ft2

Earnings: £1,100


Helped Damien store his household items whilst he moved to Australia

Size: 20ft2

Earnings: £200


Helped Jonathan store his furniture & boxes to declutter his flat

Size: 30ft2

Earnings: £250


Hosted Deepak's business goods in his warehouse

Size: 500ft2

Earnings: £8,400

How Hosting Works


Create Free Listing

Describe details of your Parking Space, including the type of storage available, location, pricing and any additional facilities offered. It’s free to list your space and there aren’t any obligations.


Manage Bookings

Highly qualified customers that have cleared our strict security procedures will start getting in touch. Chat with them using our messaging platform to better understand their requirements and ensure they’re the ideal customer for your Parking Space.


Generate Extra Revenue

Once both parties are happy, you'll transact through our secure and intuitive platform. Our commission is charged only on successful transactions and is transparent throughout the entire process. We’ll also handle the invoicing and transfer payments seamlessly on behalf of the customer.

Benefits of Renting Your Parking Space out on Stashbee

Generate Bonus Revenue

Leverage your spare capacity to maximise the return on investment of your Parking Space

Dedicated Service Support

To ensure the process is a smooth as possible, one of our friendly team will be on hand to assist you

Zero Upfront Cost

It’s quick and easy to list your Parking Space space for free - we’ll then market it across our network

No Obligations

We send you highly qualified customers, but you choose whether or you not you want to accept a booking for your Parking Space.

Rigorous Security Checks

We take security very seriously, so potential customers have their identity verified by an independent third party

Secure Payment Platform

We provide the payment infrastructure for your Parking Space - we’ll invoice the customer on your behalf, charge our commission and send seamless monthly payments straight to you

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