How to Rent a Garage from the Council – a Stashbee Guide

What’s the procedure to rent a garage from the council and how do you navigate their tenancy agreements? Check out Stashbee’s guide and debunk the myths!

Wondering how to rent a garage from the Council?  Pull over and park up here if you’re looking for roof space near your home or workplace for your motor!

There are many and varied options and benefits when you rent a garage from the Council. But there’s also lots to think about and look out for when you’re on the hunt for a council garage and going through the application process.

So, drive straight into our down-to-earth jargon-free guide that makes child’s play of renting a garage from the council... 

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Am I Eligible to Rent a Garage from the Council?

The answer is most probably yes. You’re able to apply to rent a garage from the Council if you’re: 

  • Over 18
  • Intend to use a garage to house your car, motorcycle or van, or for other domestic non-commercial storage, such as garden or personal household items, (you’ll be asked for full details during the application process)

Council tenants and non-tenants are both welcome to apply. 

In most cases (though not all), your application will be automatically rejected if you’re looking for garage locations to use for business, such as commercial fulfilment or vehicle repairs.  

You might find it helpful to visit the government website about renting council garages. You’ll be asked to enter the postcode of the area you’re interested in, for an initial look at what’s available and if there’s a waiting list.



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How Much is it to Rent a Garage from the Council?

There isn’t a nationwide fixed price for renting a council garage, though many council rates are highly competitive compared to average going rates. 

Here are just a few regional differentials to give you an idea – 

Cambridge City Council 
  • Weekly rent for council tenants from £9.63 - £18.36 for vehicle storage or £11.56 for general storage 
  • Weekly rent for non-tenants from £11.56 - £22.03 
  • Weekly rent for non-residents or businesses from £17.56 - £28.03  

This is a prime example of strategic tiered charges – untypically including an option for businesses - in an area that generates demand locally and from further afield.

Colchester Borough Council 
  • Weekly rent for council tenants and non-council tenants* from £12.17 - £15.90 
Leeds City Council 
  • Weekly rent for council tenants from £9.14 for council tenants 
  • Weekly rent for non-tenants from £9.14 plus VAT* 
Nottingham City Council 
  • Weekly rent for council tenants from £9.50   
  • Weekly rent for non-tenants from £11.40

*Some councils add 20% VAT for non-council tenants. A few also add VAT for council tenants, too. Look out for this in the small print when you’re applying for a council garage.     



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Is it Easy to Apply?

Are any public sector processes and procedures simple and stress-free? The answer is usually no! So, expect jargon-filled red tape by the barrowful!

In most cases, applications to rent a garage from the council are via an online form. The language used can be confusing. But, keep your hair on, and don’t be afraid to call for help if you if get too stuck. 

When Will I Know if My Application has been Successful? 

You’ll be informed of the estimated processing time when you submit your application to rent a garage from the council. Depending on your specific council, this might be seven days, two weeks or a month.

In addition to the admin side, bear in mind that council garages are often in high demand. So, patience is a virtue. Waiting time can depend on multiple factors. For example, if your council has a high volume of garage locations, you might wait a fraction of the time than with a council that has fewer garages. 

But overall, it’s fair to say that you’re likely to get a successful outcome quicker if – 

  • You’re a council tenant
  • You’re a council tenant with an up-to-date rent account (no arrears)
  • You drive a mobility vehicle 
  • You live close by, (most councils operate something of a postcode lottery) 

How Long Do I Have to Rent a Garage from the Council for?

Sorry for getting repetitive! But, like many other categories, there isn’t a definitive answer. Minimum tenancy lengths are given on a council-by-council basis. And, as you might expect, they can differ spectacularly! 

Some councils don’t tie you into any specific minimum term of tenancy. Whilst others, such as  Kingston Upon Thames City Council, require a minimum three-month commitment.

Do I Need to Put a Deposit Down?

Yes, you do. Most tenancy agreements stipulate a fully refundable deposit in the range of £40 - £50, plus four weeks' rent ‘in hand’. Your council will clarify their specifics if they’ve got a suitable garage for you.

You’ll get your deposit back when you hand your garage back over to the council, as long as it passes inspection and you don’t have any outstanding arrears. 

How Do I Pay for My Council Garage?

It’s quickest and easiest to make online payments. Then you can just forget about it and not risk falling into arrears as a result of human error. 

You can set up a direct debit or a standing order in nanoseconds. Make sure you’ve got your council account number and/or any other reference numbers available when you set up a direct debit or standing order, to avoid any complications with payments. 

Is Insurance Included or Do I Need to Take Out Insurance?

Insurance isn’t included when you rent a garage from the council. Even if you’re a council tenant, garages aren’t covered by any tenant’s insurance schemes offered by your council. 



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What Do I Do About Any Damages or Disrepair?

See it, say it, sorted! If anything gets damaged or falls into disrepair through no fault of your own, report it to your council as soon as possible so they can arrange for repair work to be done. 

Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to cover the cost of any damages incurred as a result of ill-use or neglect. 

Can I Transfer My Council Garage to Somebody Else?

You can’t rent a garage from the council and then decide to pass it on or sublet it to another person at a later date. It’s simply a case of terminating your tenancy agreement. You can recommend another person to be your successor. But it depends on how high demand is in your area and what the waiting list is like.

I No Longer Want to Rent a Garage from the Council. How Do I Get Rid of it?

When the day comes that you don’t want to rent a garage from the council anymore, you need to give notice to expire your tenancy agreement. 

You’ve got the gist by now that there doesn’t tend to be any hard and fast rules binding councils together. So, your notice period might be anything from a week to a month. You will, of course, have this in writing from the onset. 


Ta-da! The end-to-end life cycle of how to rent a garage from the council, plus the nuts and bolts you need to be aware of. 

But fear not if the waiting list has you weeping into your wheel well! Try us, at Stashbee, for size. Whatever your location, we’ll give you previously untapped access to thousands of unused garages for vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

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Updated 13th Apr 2023

Written 14th Dec 2022