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21st October 2020

How to make money from home

Good House Keeping

7th October 2020

10 steps to get out of debt

Broke in Bristol

16th January 2020

Stashbee on BBC Radio 4 You & Yours Program

BBC Radio 4


13th September 2019

How to prepare your home for Airbnb

The Times

17th July 2019

Stashbee Surpasses Funding Goals

DTC Daily


22nd November 2018

PHA Group wins Stashbee

PR Week

16th November 2018

40 ways to get free money

Money Wise

16th November 2018

PR news round-up (5-16 November)


26th October 2018

How to make your house pay its way

The Times

24th March 2018

9 ways to make extra money from your home

House Beautiful

24th March 2018

7 ways to make extra money from your home

Country Living

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