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How to Stop Things Going Mouldy in Your Garage

Much like an ogre or malicious troll, mould thrives in damp, dark spaces. Here’s how to stop things from going mouldy in your garage.

Nobody wants the stuff in their garage to go musty or mouldy. Ever.

It’s even worse if you like to rent out your garage and it happens to somebody else’s stuff on your watch. Talk about getting yourself into hot water.

From choosing items wisely to making use of natural lighting, the following tips will help you stop things from going mouldy in your garage. You also won’t have to explain to your partner why Nan is unrecognisable in the damp batch of photos you just pulled out from storage. On Christmas. Just imagine the hot water then.


How to Stop Things Going Mouldy in Your Garage

You can stop things from going mouldy in your garage by being careful about what you store and how you do it. Controlling the lighting and moisture in the space is very useful. Regular cleaning also helps. 

1) Be careful about what you're storing

Some items spoil more easily than others. Food is an obvious no-go, as it can go bad and attract mould in warm conditions. Books and magazines are also easy mould targets in humid summer months. Paint might be a staple in many garages, but when stored on the ground, it won’t last very long in hot or cold conditions. 

Avoid hassles if you’re renting out your garage by asking the potential tenant for a list of their items. That way, it’s easier to keep track of things and let them know what items they should be storing inside a house - not everything’s made for garage storage, you know.



2) How you’re storing things matters

It’s not just about what you’re storing, but also how you store it. Cardboard boxes are generally used to keep personal items dry and secure, but they can be mould magnets in damp or humid conditions. Similarly, wooden crates attract mould quickly in the right conditions too. If you’re thinking about renting out your space, it might be worth investing in metal or aluminium storage units inside your garage. They may not be the norm, but they are mould resistant and will reduce the chances of any nasty surprises later. 

Well… not that kind of aluminium.

3) The more natural lighting, the better

Most garages are dark and humid - aka the perfect combo for mould growth. The more natural light you can introduce into this space, the better. Think about installing a window or two as a first step if there aren’t any at the moment. 

Actual video footage of mould cowering in your garage when it sees natural light.


4) Focus on insulation and ventilation

No cheap garage storage is worth anybody’s while if the space has damp spots. Mould lives for these conditions (quite literally). The best thing you can do is to check for these spots as often as possible. Make sure the garage is well protected from outside weather. Installing a dehumidifier will help to make sure that the air in the space is always dry. A cheaper but more time consuming option is to open the garage door for a few hours a day, to let air circulate in the room. This isn’t going to fix an existing mould problem, but will definitely help with avoiding a future one. 


5) Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance

Left to its own devices, a mouldy garage will just keep getting worse (and worse and worse). One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to keep the space clean. A little organisation and general maintenance will go a long way. An inspection checklist (as tedious as it might sound at first) decreases the chances of you missing any damp patches. A regular deep clean is an even better idea, and takes the battle against mould to a whole new level - with you coming out victorious every time.


Keeping Garage Mould Under Control

Garage mould will only get the better of your garage if you sit back and let it happen. Just like Arsenal at the FA Cup finals this year, with a bit of focus and striking (or, in this case, cleaning) at the right time, victory will be yours. Before you know it, you’ll be turning to Stashbee to confirm a new storage tenant for your *now perfect* garage. The extra income you’ll take home will be the ultimate prize in the battle against the mould. It might also help to keep your own items in shape - especially when you just know those old photo albums will be making an appearance again this Christmas. Here’s to the happy bout of mould-free nostalgia in your future.



30th Nov 2020

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