Stashbee buzzed onto the scene in 2017 with one vision in mind. To put the world’s unused space to good use...


Now, Stashbee is a broad marketplace for space, whether it be for personal storage, business storage or parking. With millions of square feet of spare space on the platform, we now have a thriving community of Hosts and Renters who love to sustainably share and use the space we already have. Here’s how it all began…

Two friends join
to solve one

Our two protagonists, David and Anthony, didn’t know each other at the time, but they were dealing with the same problem.

One went through a break-up, the other took up cycling, and it meant both of them needed to quickly find extra space to store their things.

The options on hand were inconvenient or too expensive, and so they took matters into their own hands: one stored with a neighbour, the other built a shed.

After meeting at an entrepreneurship workshop in London, they bonded and realised there had to be a better solution for storage woes. They imagined a modern solution to the universal need for space. A way to connect those with spare space to someone in need of it.

“So, what if there
was a one-stop
shop for space?”

A better and more sustainable way for people to store their things locally, whilst empowering others to become micro-entrepreneurs. Side hustle + sharing economy at its finest!

And so Stashbee
was born...

Stashbee is the simplest, smartest, most sustainable way for anyone to share and fill storage space. Whatever your situation or ambition, we have spaces of all sizes for people at all stages.

Ultimately, Stashbee spaces have been used for everything. Household items stored during moves and refurbishments, stock for businesses on the up, classic cars, movie props… We even stored several tonnes of chocolate!

Today, we have millions of square feet of space on our platform, and we’re helping Stashbee Hosts across the UK earn millions of pounds from their unused space by connecting them with Renters who need it. We’ve got a great range of spaces to choose from, including parking spaces, garages, shipping containers and many more.

Dare we say… watch this space.

The people
that make it

Based in the heart of Shoreditch, we love turning the chore of finding, booking and renting out storage and parking space into something simple. At the same time, building a flourishing community remains important to us, as well as striving for a more sustainable future.