Garage Ceiling Storage - Everything You Need to Know

So you have more stuff than you have space and you're hoping Garage Ceiling Storage will help. Well, here's everything you need to know about ceiling racks!

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If you’re searching for articles about Garage ceiling storage I’m going to assume 3 things about you:
  1. You have a garage
  2. You’ve seen those viral videos on Tiktok or YouTube where people unlock huge amounts of extra storage space on their garage ceilings. And you thought, “damn, I need that in my life!”
  3. You feel like you don’t have enough space for all your stuff
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If that sounds like you and getting garage storage right feels totally over your head (sorry - terrible joke), read on because this article will give you absolutely everything you need to know about garage ceiling racks: what they are, how they work, the best way to install them, how much you should spend & the companies with the best overhead storage products. 

An important note: we don’t use affiliate links, we’re in no way associated with any of the companies mentioned and we don’t make any money by referring you to any company mentioned. Therefore, you can rest assured that our heart is in the right place and our goal is just to help you turn your garage into a storage haven! 

How much weight can garage ceiling racks hold?

Most garage ceilings can take a constant load of between 2.26-5.44kg per square foot. However, the weight load a garage ceiling can take will depend on the ceiling’s composition. So to understand your garages load limit, you’ll need to find out how it was built.




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Are ceiling storage racks safe?

If you’ve installed your storage racks correctly and your ceiling can support the weight, a garage ceiling racks is perfectly safe. To ensure safety, you’ll also need to adhere to the specific weight limitations of your racks' manufacturer.

What can I store in my overhead garage storage?

Furniture, car roof racks, sporting gear, camping equipment, music instruments, tools, electronics, photographs, books, files, magazines, crockery, bulk food, seasonal items, and decorations are all perfect for garage overhead storage. 

Where to buy Garage Ceiling Storage Racks?

I quite like the ceiling storage products by Price Depot. They’re relatively easy to install and more flexible than racks that require you to slide in boxes or totes: because the shelving doesn’t have walls, what you store can be much wider than the width of the shelf.
Additionally, the following video shows you exactly how to install the ceiling storage above so you can see exactly what it looks like, whether it makes sense for your storage needs, and get a really detailed video installation guide - perfect if you’re a visual learner like me:

For some simpler solutions that also come in a bit cheaper, check out Garage Flex. They’re also UK based so if time is of the essence, these are the guys to go with

I could bombard you with a bunch of other companies that do pretty much the same thing, but often that just adds to the overwhelm. The above 2 companies are reputable, have fairly priced products and, between them, offer ceiling storage solutions that will cover 90% of use cases. 


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How to install garage ceiling storage?

Each garage ceiling storage product will have slightly different installation instructions. What stays consistent is a need for a screwdriver, a second pair of hands to help you keep the rack steady while you brace it to the ceiling, and knowledge of where your support beams are (this is the only part of your ceiling that can safely take the weight of storage).

Here’s a helpful video if you want to DIY ceiling storage: 

And here’s a video that shows you the process of installing one type of ceiling storage:

Your installation will always be a little different, but the above video provides a general overview of what you can be expected to do.


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Final thoughts on Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead ceiling racks are pretty much a no-brainer for unlocking additional space. And when you’ve got a lot of stuff, finding smart, uncluttered ways to store that stuff can remove a great deal of overwhelm. 

If you ever decide you no longer need the space, you can rent out your garage on Stashbee and make passive income every single month. 


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Updated 17th Apr 2023

Written 2nd Nov 2022