How To Make The Perfect Under Stairs Shoe Storage Space

A step-by-step guide for creating the perfect shoe storage space under the stairs
When it comes to storage, every bit of space counts. For those of you who have stairs in your home, there is valuable storage space waiting to be used. 

Read on for 10 ways make the perfect shoe storage space under your stairs.

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1. Buy a ready made rack

The easiest option for shoe storage under your stairs is to measure the space and buy a ready made shoe rack.

There are hundreds of options out there. Here are three different priced options: Combine racks of different heights to make the most of the sloping space; this tall one from Amazon could be combined with lower shoe racks to maximise storage. 

2. Interlocking storage units

Interlocking storage units allow you to click together smaller cubs into any configuration you want. This means you can make use of every inch of understair shoe storage space.

These wire shelves are affordable and easy to clip together, although not very durable. They can be easily rearranged if needed.

3. Beautiful shoe storage solutions

If you don’t have doors on your under stairs space, you may want to invest in a storage solution that is nicer to look at. There are plenty of options to choose from: Make sure to measure the space accurately before investing a lot of money in a designer under stairs shoe storage solution.

Unused space under staircase

4. Generic storage solutions for shoes

You don’t have to store your shoes in purpose-designed furniture. A chest of drawers, cabinet, bureau or trunk can work too. 

The drawers in a chest of drawers work best for flats and trainers, whereas a trunk works better for taller boots.

One big advantage of taking this more flexible approach is that you're far more likely to find furniture that matches the decor in the rest of your home.

You can look for deals on online classified wesbites like Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle and Ebay. Or you may want to sell some unwanted items while you’re at it.


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5. Install a rail

You can buy affordable metal rails from Toolstation. There are also wooden options available from LaRedoute.

Once your rail is installed, you can get a hanging shoe storage unit made of fabric. It's always worth checking the total weight you plan to hang off a rail, and make sure that the rail can take the weight.

6. Use the cupboard doors

If your under stairs storage already has doors, your can fix hanging shoe storage to the back them. There are some shoe organisers with pockets, like this one from ManoMano, which are good for making sure your shoes don't fall on the floor. 

7. DIY shelves 

A straightforward solution is to fit standard shelves under your stairs yourself. The advantage is that you can make full use of the space and choose the right gap between shelves for the types of shoes (heels, tall boots, flats, trainers). 

Building shoe storage under the stairs

8. Advanced DIY solutions

If you are experienced at DIY, there are plenty more ambitions (and creative) solutions for under stair shoe storage:

9. Hire professionals or buy bespoke

Hiring in professionals to create under stairs shoe storage is often the best option if you want to create a very custom solution. 

It's also easy to get a bespoke under stair shoe storage solution made to measure. A quick Google of "bespoke home storage near me" will give you lots of different options.

10. Prevent shoe odour

Once you’ve got your under stair shoe storage set up, it's common for a bad smell to develop (especially if there is a door which stays closed). 

You can find odour neutralisers in most supermarkets. A more effective solution are in-shoe deodorisers like Boot Bananas, especially for shoes you wear for sports.

Pile of shoes under stairs

We hope you've given you a few new under stairs shoe storage ideas. Now that you've cleared out under your stairs, do you have any other spaces?


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Updated 1st Feb 2024

Written 1st Feb 2023