Garage Door Installation in London - The Stashbee guide

EVerything you need to know about garage door installation including costs and types

Acquiring a house in the London area is a daunting experience. Having vanquished countless competitors, you are possibly now faced with a new challenge: renovate your house. It has so much potential: central, well-lit, two bedrooms... Even a garage!

Now, whether you are a first-time buyer or a long-time homeowner, it is only natural you want a practical and aesthetic property.  

Often overlooked, the garage door will be the first thing your guests will see when they visit - even before the front door! There are many options available, and lots of companies specialise in garage door installation in the southeast. It can seem a bit overwhelming, so we've put together a simple guide to help you navigate your way through it. Here’s everything you need to know about garage door installation and costs in London!

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Replace, upgrade, repair your garage door: why is it important? 

Many households do not agree on what to do with their garage, let alone bother with its entrance. But your garage door is an integral part of the façade of your house. It's more than a formality: having the right garage door involves more than you may think.

Your garage door’s first purpose is to protect whatever you might want to put in your garage. Let's be real, how many times has a garage become an office, a music studio or a playroom? Your garage security starts with its door. Thieves will look for areas of vulnerability: a door that’s broken down, is stuck open or has a missing window will be a potential risk for your valuables. 

The second is the insulation. Many homeowners don't know that most of a house’s heat is lost through the garage. First through the roof, then through the door. A garage door will have to follow the required U-value per region: in the London area, it’d be of 0.28 W/m2k.



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With the rise of heating costs, you will have to factor this into the garage door’s price! Read on here for additional information. 

Last is, as previously mentioned, the appeal of a pretty garage door. A well-functioning, aesthetic door will add value to your property. Time to upgrade for a remote control? Or roller shutters?

For owners who use the car every day, a roller shutter garage door that opens quickly and quietly while saving space is a great asset. Let’s take a look at the available options.   

Types of garage doors: choose the right one for you 

In popular decorating shows on TV, you will have seen many different types of garage doors, some very high-tech, some completely bizarre. But as with many things, English taste prefers simplicity and likes to combine the practical with the pleasant.  

Here are the most popular options for embellishing your garage: 

  • Up & Over: The most popular type of garage door in the country, they open upwards in a single angling piece. Simple and easily customisable, they are available to open both manually and automatically. Most companies will be able to supply, install and maintain it easily. It is an important detail, because up-and-over doors are known to demand repairs!  
  • Sectional Garage Doors: Also widely used, sectional doors are most popular in the US. They are the kind that fold upwards in sections, meaning they are a great save of space. They fit anywhere, can be adapted to many garage sizes, and offer lots of designs. Many companies advise them for their security and safety.  


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  • Side Hinged Doors: This is the traditional, old-school garage door. This is the best choice for a garage you won’t use for a vehicle, but more as a storage space! They have this classic, eye-catching appeal that suits renovated old properties. They mostly come in timber and are the fastest to obtain. 
  • Roller Shutter Doors: This one is definitely the best choice if you only use your garage to park your car. Modern and easy to use, it has a neat finish and is super easy to use. However, it is the most lacking in security: you might want to choose the electrical, security-wired option. 

Costs: what to (literally) take into account

It may seem expensive, but a garage door is an investment that could last a lifetime, provided you take good care of it. While it is technically possible to buy a garage door on its own online, it is strongly, definitely, absolutely advised to use a professional company.  

Why? Well, apart from the fact that this way you won’t risk installing the door upside down, it also guarantees that your garage door will care for after. The best companies will always include maintenance in their fees, and it is an important option.



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Electrical failure, blockage due to heat or cold, or an unfortunate accident involving careless reversing... All this can happen even with the best doors on the market. Depending on the type of opener and repairs needed, costs can range from £50 to £500!

Also, the right company will be the one advising you on the right door for your needs, not necessarily what you want. Most doors vary on every installation, and online prices that offer low prices are often very misleading. They are so many variables: material, position, door type, frame, maintenance, extras... Prices can vary from £750 to £9000! So it is very important you ask for a quote beforehand - these are usually free!

Who to contact:

To help with your search, here are the best, most well-ranked garage door companies in the London and South East area. It is important to mention that all these companies offer remote control, electric operation and installation service! Here they are:

  • Garage Doors Ltd.: a well-established family-run business, they have been providing high-quality service for over 40 years. Garage Doors Ltd. offers a huge range of garage doors, along with installation, repair and maintenance services.
  • The Garage Door Centre: The biggest garage door company in the area, they are extremely specialised in the garage door business and are the go-to if you have specific needs that need specific advice. They are used to DIY and customised orders and offer a very large range of colours and materials.
  • Garage Doors London UK: with an experience of over 30 years, Garage Doors London offer their services for homeowners and professionals, with an emphasis on security and swift installation.
  • Doormatic Garage Doors: As their name suggests, this company specialises in high-quality automatic garage doors. They are present in the Croydon, Harrow, Kingston, Richmond and Wimbledon areas. They have more than 20 years of experience and offer maintenance and repair services.

Most of these companies will also help with garage door repairs and other door services. In the meanimte, here are some more tips on how to make your garage door more secure.

Whether you want to add value to your property, secure your car or save on your heating bills, getting a good garage door is a necessity – and its much simpler than you think! Don’t forget that a good garage door will also save you money. It will insulate your house, protect your belongings, and will be a definite asset if you ever want to rent this additional space for a pretty penny – for example, on Stashbee!

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Updated 14th Apr 2023

Written 15th Dec 2022