Where to Start Tidying Up a Messy Garden

It’s that time of year to tidy up your garden. Get your green space in tip top shape ready for the spring with our handy tips on clearing a garden.
As we leave winter behind and the weather starts to warm up a little, one thought might spring to mind - it’s time for some good old spring cleaning.

And while most people might immediately start making plans for home improvements, it’s easy to forget that the garden might be due for a tidy too!

After all, no one likes to keep an eye on their garden during the winter months, but you’ll no doubt be using it a whole lot more as it gets sunnier.

At Stashbee, we know the struggle of where to start tidying up a messy garden, so we’ve put together some great tips to help you out when clearing out.


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Start With a Clear Garden

First thing’s first, it’s always best to start with a “clearish” garden before the tidying begins. What we mean by that is moving and getting rid of anything that’ll only get in your way.

That means starting by putting away anything that you aren’t going to use to tidy up your garden, as well as anything else you won’t be needing immediately, from lawn furniture to potted plants.

Your best bet will be to keep these items in the shed, if you have one - if not, though, Stashbee can match you with storage to rent near you, which would be ideal for storing anything in your garden.

Once you’ve got these things out of the way, you can get to cleaning the trickier corners of your garden with ease!

Garden table and chair with a plant laid on the table

Design a New Layout

If you’re hoping to achieve a new look with the tidy up of your garden, or keep it exactly the same, now is the time to envision and plan it. To make the job easier, split your garden up into sections, and tackle each one at a time.

Perhaps you can position your garden furniture somewhere new? Maybe your flower beds and plants can also be relocated to a different part of the garden?

Whatever it may be, designing a new layout for your garden can give it that fresh, new look you’ve been hoping for, just in time for the spring and summer months!

Next, you might want to think about any areas of the garden that have any noticeable problems which need fixing, from dead plants to redoing the patio, or even simply mowing the lawn.

Whatever the extent of these changes, try to anticipate how these issues could impact your newly-tidied garden, and prioritise those areas first.



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Get Rid of Any Rubbish

Now it’s time to get rid of all of the rubbish that has built up in your garden since winter and make these exciting changes you need to get the garden you’ve been dreaming about.

Gather any dead plants, broken tools and ornaments that can’t be salvaged and discard them thoughtfully. Recycle where you can, or donate and pass them on to whoever may want or need them.

And don’t forget to mow the lawn, rake up any remaining leaves and deweed your flower beds to ensure that everything grows perfectly through springtime.

Gardening tools and freshly cut leaves laid out on a table cloth

Remove any debris that you find in your garden, as well as in your shed, greenhouse or outhouse (if you have one), then box up any clutter and rubbish and do away with it.

From there, your garden should be primed and ready for organisation and redecoration.



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Create Your Dream Garden

Now it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Plant flowers to add a bit of colour into your garden, redo the patio and get your garden stuff out of storage and rearrange them to fit into your designed layout.

Trim any hedges or trees that surround or hang over into your garden and you’ll be all set with healthy greenery.

Wash and dry any cushions you’re using for your garden furniture and set them outside when you’re going to use them or when you have visitors. Be sure to store them indoors when they’re not in use, as this will prevent mildew.

Woman surrounded by plants, sitting down and holding an empty flower pot



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There you go… a garden tidy-up made easy. It’s important to keep in mind that this might be a fairly labour-intensive job, and you may have to spread the tidy up of your garden over the course of a few days.

If that’s the case, you may well need storage space in which to keep your things temporarily. If that’s the case, explore the storage available to rent from Stashbee or, if you’ve got space to spare in your shed or outhouse, rent it out as storage for your local community.

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Updated 14th Apr 2023

Written 1st Feb 2022