How to Keep Working from Home (Even While You're Back at the Office)

With Stashbee, you can continue working from home after COVID in a host of ways, even once you’ve gone back to the office full-time.
As we head towards the last few steps of the UK Government’s COVID roadmap, new guidelines around working from home and returning to the office are starting to take shape. For many people, this means that the days of full-time remote working might well be numbered.

If you will need to return to the office soon, now is a good time to start working those pre-COVID commuting costs back into your monthly budget. Eased restrictions could also lead to extra household costs, especially if you have kids who are eager to get back to doing all of the things they love doing outside of school hours.

Thanks to Stashbee, you can keep working from home no matter how or when the guidelines change, with little effort and even less fuss. When you list a parking space or garage for rent, it’s possible to earn a steady side-income, even when you’re back at your old desk at work.

How Much Longer Will We Be Working from Home?

As with all things COVID-related, flexibility is the order of the day, especially as plans can change quickly as case numbers fluctuate.

At this stage, the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown suggests that work from home guidance measures may still be in place anywhere from late June to early July. In the best case scenario, all restrictions on social contact could be removed as early as 21 June.

This means that you have a bit of extra time to prepare your parking and storage listings on Stashbee, even though it literally only takes a minute or two to set either one of them up.

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Working from Home after COVID

Regardless of when the guidance measures end up changing, it looks like flexible working practices are likely to become the norm in post-pandemic Britain.

Some companies are already looking at blended working models, which include a mix of office days and work-from-home days. This has been spurred on by a recent survey, suggesting that a majority of people would prefer to work from home at least one or two days a week.

What can I claim for working from home?

Since you’ve been working from home during the pandemic, and especially if you’ve been doing so involuntarily due to national restrictions, you may be able to claim tax relief on some of the extra household costs involved. This will cover a percentage of your gas and electricity bill, metered water, mobile phone and even internet expenses. If you paid for it out of your own pocket, the same also applies for equipment you bought to get your home office up and running.

Sadly, it’s not possible to claim the full amounts on these expenses, and relief varies based on the rate of tax you pay. Check the Government website to see if you’re eligible, and to get a sense of how much you may be able to claim back.

How to Earn Extra Money Working from Home After COVID

As a homeowner, you’re already sitting on a goldmine of potential earning opportunities, some of which you might not even have considered just yet.

One way to make extra money when working from home post-COVID is by renting out any spare space your property might have going. Stashbee’s platform is easy and convenient to use, and lets you shout about your space from the rooftops without getting on the wrong side of your neighbours.

Let Working From Home Work For You

As the country starts to return to normal, new or otherwise, you may want to have a bit of extra cash on hand to cover your commuting costs, or any of those other long-forgotten expenses that will be heading your way. Even if you do have space for them in your budget, a little extra pocket money always comes in handy when you’re finally able to start planning family outings and holidays once again.

If the thought of earning from home even when you’re not physically in the building intrigues you in any way, you’re probably ready to get started with Stashbee, so why not add your first listing with us today? It won’t be long before one of our verified Guests will show up on your doorstep to help make your post-pandemic life just a little easier on the family budget.

And after all, at the end of the day, every little bit helps.


Updated 14th Dec 2022

Written 3rd May 2021