How to Reap Positive Reviews

Want a positive review on your latest storage listing? Check out these four helpful tips!
If you’re planning to rent out a garage this year, we’ve got some advice that is sure to help you on your hosting journey. That’s right, we’re talking about how to get positive reviews from your renters.

To rent out parking space is easy enough, but do you know what makes an excellent Host? Not sure? Then you’ll want to read on, because being a good Host means you’re more likely to receive five-star reviews - and five-star reviews mean you’re more likely to keep your space booked!

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How to Get Good Reviews from Your Guests

Those of us looking to rent a space to park our car or store some extra stuff care about a few things - one of them being highly rated Hosts. Scrolling through options and comparing Hosts with high ratings to those with, say, three-star reviews makes it easy to decide which Host we’re going to book with.

It’s especially important to establish a stream of positive reviews as a Host if you’re just getting started with Stashbee. Getting a good online review from the get-go means paving the path for your success down the road.

Of course, there’s no pressure to overperform as a Host - but by following these simple guidelines you’ll be sure to reap good reviews without breaking a sweat.

  • Set realistic expectations. Managing renter expectations just means being real about what they can expect. For example, in the biography of your listing, mention if it’s a space with 24/7 access or if the renter will need to contact you ahead of time. This is the place for you to give the low-down on what your renter should expect.
  • Let pictures of your space speak for themselves. Natural light and a tidy space are pretty much the only things you need to paint an accurate picture. You want to show the space for what it is. Trust that by doing this, the right renters will find their way to you.
  • Communicate quickly and clearly. Whenever you’re representing a product or service, you want to be clear about what it is that you’re offering. If you want to make a good impression, try to be quick to respond to renter queries. According to five-star reviews already posted about some of our Hosts, a prompt response tends to go a long way.
  • Make sure your listing is accurate. This means adding a working contact phone number and accurate measurements of the space.


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Now that you know the simple steps to a five-star review, let’s have a look at a couple of positive review examples - maybe they’ll inspire you!

Could this be your next review?

Positive Reviews: Examples from Hosts Like You

When renters go to write a review, they’re considering their overall experience. These Hosts make providing a positive experience for Guests look easy - because it is!



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1. Parisa’s garage to rent in North West London

Have a look at this five-star review about Parisa’s garage:

“Very efficient. Garage corresponds exactly to the description. Easy to access. Very good and available Host. All perfect.”

As you can see, the renter was very pleased when leaving a review, making Parisa an exemplary Host. In her listing, she clearly mentions all of the features her space has to offer, including a security system and padlock. She lets potential renters know how easy it is to get to her storage space by listing the stations nearest to her. She even mentions that she works from home and will likely be able to respond to messages on most days.

This review includes a positive reflection of the description Parisa has listed. It’s important that renters have a clear idea of what your space is like before they see it in person. By providing a thorough description, you’ll be sure to attract the renters that are right for you - making the odds of scoring a positive review even more likely.



2. Cindy’s garage to rent in East London

This simple review reflects how the little things can make a big difference in the eyes of a renter.

“Excellent service and very helpful, thank you.”

Cindy’s listing has five stars simply because she was a helpful Host to her Guest. Remember, getting a positive review usually means being a communicative and friendly Host. If you’ve got that down, you’ll be sure to avoid the terrifying shadow of a negative review.

We love talking about ways to make Hosting with Stashbee as positive as possible. If you have a tip you’d like to share on how to reap positive reviews from your renters, share them with us on Twitter! We’d love to add your tip to the list.

Now go forth and get those good reviews!

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1st Feb 2021