6 Tips to Manage Anxiety When Moving House

Like many moments in life, moving house can cause anxiety. Check out our top tips to reduce your anxiety when moving.
There are many anxiety inducing moments in our lives. Things like divorce and breakups, losing a job and losing a loved one often put us into a state of sadness, panic and autopilot. Whatever personal experiences we go through, we’re sure to stumble across some of these roadblocks from time to time, and moving house is one of them.

When moving house you’re instantly going through a stream of changes, maybe even plunging yourself into the depths of the unknown. New surroundings, a new routine, a new route to work… even the kids are going to a new school! However, even with all the changes you’re going through, there are some things you can do to get your stress and anxiety under control and protect your mental health.

Organisation, Organisation, Organisation

That’s a lot of organisation, but it’s key to calming you down and getting ahead of your house move. Preparation makes a world of difference if you’re anxious about something, and so you should prepare for your house move as early as you can. So what kind of things can you do to prepare?

Start decluttering. Over the years we build up a huge collection of stuff. Things we don’t even need. If you declutter before a house move you’ll have a good idea of the things you’ll actually be taking with you to your new place. Plus, there might be some items you don’t want to get rid of, but you’re not quite sure what to do with just yet. Rent a storage space nearby to safely keep your belongings, until you figure out whether they’ll have a place in your new home.

Aside from that, you can start researching the new area you’ll be staying in. Find out where the nearest supermarket is or what your commute to work is looking like. All of this will help to reduce your anxiety before you move in.

Make Lists & Add Them to Your Calendar

Plan out when you want to start and finish particular tasks, and add them to your calendar so you can keep track. Put in your move-in date and then set dates for decluttering, ordering new furniture, dealing with home insurance etc. This is all about making sure you’ve taken note of the important tasks that come with a house move. Not only that, but setting dates and deadlines means you’ll actually get them done, rather than putting them off due to your anxiety.

Take Time For Yourself

Relaxation time is important to reduce anxiety, so it’s even more important to pace yourself. Make sure to do a bit of prep every day ready for the house move, but also make sure you spend time doing the things you love. Whether it’s going for a walk, meditating, or socialising with friends, it makes a significant difference when you’re feeling overly anxious, burnt out and stressed.

Get The Essentials Ready

Your house move anxiety may be exacerbated over your fear of forgetting something important. To help reduce that anxiety, set a bag or box aside and fill it with all the essentials you don’t want to forget to take with you. Things like important documents, medication and memories like photographs, albums and collections.

Put Home Comforts in One Place

The actual moving day can be tiring and stressful. Especially when you look at all the boxes and cases of stuff you’ll need to eventually unpack. Reduce your moving stress by curating a box of home comforts. These will be the things you and your family need on move-in day, either for easy access to essentials or to keep you calm. It could be toys and comforters for the kids, your favourite mug for a cup of tea or coffee, or even a scented candle to help you relax.

Ask Others For Help

Whether you’re moving house by yourself or your family are coming too, ask for help and accept help when you need it. Nobody wants to put a burden on others, but there’s no shame in asking. Friends and family members could help you with several tasks, whether it’s decluttering the house, packing your things up or transporting them on the day.

In some cases, you could hire professionals (like a removal company) to take care of some of these things, which will no doubt help your anxiety quite a bit. In other cases, just asking for a lending hand will do the trick.

These are just a few tips to help you reduce your anxiety when moving house. If there are a few more things which help you destress in your day-to-day life, make sure you mix those into your schedule to keep you calm and reduce any tension you may have. Get on top of what you need to do as soon as you can, and rent storage to relieve yourself of any clutter, or simply store your items there until you move out.


9th Mar 2022