Your ultimate guide for parking near Old Trafford

Your guide to parking near Old Trafford, including on and off-street spaces, car parks, official parking, and how to pre-book your spot for a match day

The match day is here, you’re all in your gear… But where to leave the car? Your football experience at the 'Theatre of Dreams' might not be as poetic if you don’t think about your parking options way in advance. Here we are referring to the football stadium, not the cricket ground!

Good news though! We’ve done all the leg work for you, so buckle up and let’s go ahead with this wild ride of finding car parking near Old Trafford.

Quick disclaimer: if you’re going on a non-match/event day, all the parking options laid out here will be waiting for you with their barriers and bollards wide open. On match days, it can be a different story though.

Parking near Old Trafford – what’s all the fuss?

The fuss is real, people. If you don’t live around the area and have one of those magical resident parking permits handy, your best bet would be public transport.

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Getting to Old Trafford on public transport

It gets incredibly busy around Old Trafford on match days. Thankfully, you have 4 choices here:

  • Old Trafford is very well linked with the rest of the city by the Metrolink tram network. The Old Trafford tram stop is only a breezy 10-minute walk away from the stadium.
  • If you prefer a bus ride, get on X50, 250, 255, 256, and 263 – all of them go to the football ground. 
  • A good travel option for those travelling from afar – catch a train to the Manchester Piccadilly station and get a tram to the stadium. No parking needed!
  • And finally, the biking crew will have an advantage over everyone else. Swerve the traffic and leave your bicycle at one of the bike racks at N2, E2, and W2. Just make sure to bring a bike lock and you’re good to go. 

A word on parking restrictions 

If public transport is not an option for you, then start your journey by making sure you follow the signs around the area that display Old Trafford parking restrictions in place on event days. Be vigilant and avoid tyre consequences of a pesky fine for obstructing traffic if you decide to park on the street.

We wouldn’t advise that though. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the parking space. So book early and forget the headache of fuelling around Old Trafford along with thousands of others trying to find a place to park on event days.

There are plenty to go around, that’s true, but if we were you, we would rather choose an easy breezy path of least resistance. Simply pre book and turn up for the fun and games. And zero risk of missing the match because you couldn’t find a parking space on time!

Old Trafford Stadium Front

Book your Old Trafford parking space in advance

We’ve cherry-picked the best parking space finder websites with plenty of options near the Old Trafford Cricket Ground and right next to Manchester United FC stadium for your convenience. Go for one of these and escape the crowds with quick and easy access to the stadium and book in advance!

  • Stashbee – Go with us for an easy, fast, and convenient booking journey. More like a quick stroll in the park. It only takes 3 minutes to get your match-day parking sorted! It really is an open and shut race if you ask us.
  • JustPark – On their website or app, choose from hourly, daily, or monthly bookings and reserve your off-street match-day spot in advance. Then narrow your search down based on the distance, price, and level of security your heart desires. 
  • Your Parking Space – For 24/7 parking, use their app or book on the website. That includes pre-booking and booking once you get to your off-street parking location, whether it’s a driveaway or a lock-up garage. Plan ahead with a range of hourly or weekly slots.

Use the unused! Car parking spaces, we mean, and contribute to a circular economy, saving time, space, and energy. All you need to do is get your wheels there in time for your big day out at Old Trafford.

But if you still want to roam around and have a look at other options for car parking near Old Trafford, we support your risky ventures. Just make sure you arrive early to have a better chance of securing a spot. We even made this neat list below for you.



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Official car parking options near Old Trafford

Trying your luck on the match day?

If you still vehemently insist on finding parking in one of the official car parks together with the rest of the crowds, we tearfully bid you godspeed, and here are your options.

Manchester United Football Club – Old Trafford

For match days, use the postcode M16 0RA, and M16 0SZ for non-match days. Visit the official site to book.

For drivers with accessibility requirements, if you’re attending a Manchester United game, apply for a parking permit (it usually comes as a plus one to your ticket) and use it for accessible parking next to the football ground.

Pay-on-entry parking near Old Trafford

Here’s a non-exhaustive list to choose from:

  • Lancashire County Cricket Club (Old Trafford Cricket ground)
  • Trafford House (Bruntwood)
  • Victoria Park School
  • Hilti, Trafford Wharf Road
  • Incom Group
  • Trafford College
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Alexander House, Talbot Road
  • Stretford High School
  • St Anns Primary School
  • Quayside Media City

We also suggest checking out Parkopedia for more car parking locations around the area with all the info in one place, including how to book, price, distance to the stadium, the number of spaces, and other extra features. 

Tram and Park & Ride

And finally, plenty of Metrolink tram stop park and ride locations are open for customers to leave their cars for free. The closest to Old Trafford is the Stretford tram stop (Edge Lane, Stretford, M32 8HN). And you can park there overnight if you need to.

Just turn up and secure a space as early as you can. Finder's beepers, right?



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On-street parking near Old Trafford

On-street parking bays in the Trafford Village area is your last option for parking, or maybe the first? 

In any case, use the postcode M17 1JE to find the bays for on-street parking. Book early on the RingGo app or call 0161 634 0340 and use the location code 3000.

For more ways to book and all the info on the official Old Trafford parking and restrictions, head to the Trafford Council’s website.



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Came fuel circle, didn’t we?

For a quick in and out on a match day, you know where to turn – our unused parking spaces near Old Trafford are waiting for your booking whenever you‘re ready. So don‘t be shy, pre-book one, and come have a wheely good time at the next match!

You can see a quick description of parking at other Premier League stadium’s here.

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Updated 17th Apr 2023

Written 30th Nov 2022