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Cruising through Bristol is a breeze when you know exactly where to park. Good news! You can guarantee yourself a spot by booking a long-term space with Stashbee.

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How Do I Make a Booking?

Making a booking is easy as one, two, three.

  1. Enter your postcode to get started finding an available parking spot, before you even leave the house.

  2. Once you’ve found a listing you like, enter your start date and expected duration. Maybe add a nice brief message to the Host.

  3. Click Book Space. Your Host should respond within 24 hours.

Your space will be booked as soon as your payment is processed on our secure system. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying, too, because we never charge hidden fees.

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

Our pre-set prices make it easy to understand how much you’ll have to pay. Avoid the hassle of looking for a place to park everyday by booking yourself a long-term spot. Jazz up your space too, with options to add security, lighting, and more to your search.

Spaces booked with Stashbee will be paid for monthly. Once your payment is processed via debit or credit card on our secure system, the space is yours for the duration of your rental period - hooray!

Is Booking with Stashbee Safe?

Booking with Stashbee is safe as can be! Here’s how:

  1. Booking protection

Our Hosts have verified their identity with us before they’ve listed their space, so we know that you’re booking with a legitimate human with some spare parking space.

The Booking Terms we ask you to sign protects your booking, should anything go awry. They’re part of your Move-In Checklist, and cover the standards in booking protection, so you’ll be set at any cost. Oh, and we ask that your Host sign a copy as well.

  1. Deposits

To protect rental spaces from damage, missed payments, or lost/left-behind items, we ask renters to pay a refundable security deposit. At the end of a mishap-free booking period, the security deposit will be returned to you.

  1. Payment protection

Debit and credit card payments are processed and protected using our safe and secure processing provider Stripe. Your payment information is always protected, never stored, and never shared with anyone outside of Stripe.

When you pay for your booking through Stashbee, you’re protected under our Terms and Conditions, Cancellations and Refunds Policy, and Guest Insurance - sounds pretty nice, right? That’s because it is! We wrote these policies with you in mind, so that you’re protected no matter what happens during a booking.

Is Booking a Parking Space in Bristol During COVID-19 Safe?

The safety of our Guests, Hosts, and team will always be our top priority. That’s why we’ve got COVID-guidelines (that are updated to comply with NHS guidelines) in place to keep Stashbee a safe platform to use during the pandemic. Booking a parking space in Bristol is safe, as long as you and your Host do your best to follow our pandemic guidelines, which include virtual viewings, social distancing, and practicing remote key handover.

Is Parking Free in Bristol?

The only free parking in Bristol is on-street, though most on-street parking is reserved for residential areas or falls in the Controlled Parking Zone - in which case restrictions apply. To be sure of what restrictions apply and when, do some research ahead of time and always familiarise yourself with local signage.

We’re sad to say it, but the chance of scoring that perfect spot in Bristol by luck is slim. Booking a long-term parking spot with us will save you the annoyance of reeling around hoping to find a place to park, and provide you with a more secure place for your wheels.

There are plenty of car parks in Bristol, though the hourly rates add up fast. Some car parks restrict overnight parking, while other long stay car parks allow it for a fee. Most car parks in Bristol follow pay and display guidelines, so it will be obvious to PCN distributors if your metre runs out before you make it back to your car.

The easiest and most cost-effective solution to parking in Bristol is to simply book a long-term spot with one of our verified Hosts on Stashbee. When you rent a space with us, that space is yours, night or day.

How Much Is It to Park at Bristol Airport?

The price of parking at the Bristol Airport adds up quickly. Check out the costs of keeping your car in their long term car park:

  • 0-24 hours, £45.00

  • 2 days, £64.00

  • 3 days, £81.00

  • 4 days, £100.00

  • 5 days, £123.00

  • Per day thereafter, £10.00

By booking with Stashbee, you can avoid these daily costs and pesky overstay fees, which currently amount to £7.50 per day. Our interactive map lets you easily compare rates of available parking spaces surrounding the airport. If you’ll need a long-term place to keep your car, guaranteeing yourself a spot by booking with one of our reputable Hosts is the cost and time effective answer you’ve been waiting for.

How Much is Parking in Cabot Circus, Bristol?

Parking in Cabot Circus, like other car parks in Bristol, is charged by the hour. Rates vary from £2.30 all the way up to £18.00 for more than seven hours of parking. Should you be so unlucky to lose your pay and display ticket, you’ll be charged £18.00 per day. On busier weekends, it’s likely that Cabot Circus parking will become full. When this happens, signage directs drivers to nearby public car parks - fingers crossed that there’s an open space there for you.

By booking long-term parking with us, you won’t have to fuss over driving in circles hoping for a spot - we’ll have a space waiting for you. Our verified Hosts have parking available throughout Bristol, but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by browsing through options on our interactive map that makes it easy to compare prices. With our fast and secure booking process there’s nothing to lose - not even a pay and display ticket.

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