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We’re happy to report that finding long-term parking in London just got a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to stressful mornings spent scrambling to find a place to park your car. If you need a space close to where you’re going, we’ve got the fast and easy solution for you.

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How Does Making a Booking Work?

Book the space that’s right for you by clicking on a listing you're interested in. Enter a few bits of information, like the date you’d like to start using the space, an estimate of how long you’ll need it, and a brief message to the Host. Then, simply click ‘Book Space’. Once you put down a payment method, the booking request will be sent to the Host.

You can expect a response from your Host within 24 hours. Instant Book spaces will be confirmed, well, instantly!

You can get answers to your queries or arrange a viewing with the Host by clicking the Message button on the listing page.

How Much Does it Cost?

Find a space within your budget by sorting the listings by price. You can even opt for extra security, lighting, and more by adding filters to your search - and BAM. The spot you’ve been dreaming of will magically appear.

Renting a safe, dry, privately-owned parking space will leave you and your car feeling snug and secure amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Compared to hourly or daily parking spaces that hold the risk of penalty charges, booking long-term parking with Stashbee guarantees you a spot with no hidden fees. With our preset prices, you’ll know how much you’ll be paying from the get-go each and every time.

Is It Safe to Book with Stashbee?

From our verified Hosts and secure transactions to the insurance that’s included in every rental, booking with us is safe as can be.


Some spaces need a security deposit to be booked, but don’t worry - it’s totally refundable. The security deposit is meant to cover things like damage to the space, lost or left behind items, and outstanding payments. If none of those instances happen, you’ll be refunded at the end of your booking.

Payment protection

Paying through Stashbee means you’re protected under our Guest Insurance, Terms and Conditions, and Cancellations and Refunds Policy. Trust us, you want to be covered under these policies and conditions... because we wrote them with your protection in mind!

Payments are processed through our reliable and secure provider Stripe. We never store any of your payment information or share your payment details with anyone else. Your payments and information only go where they’re meant to - full stop.

Booking protection

You’ll know exactly who you’re renting from because we ask that our Hosts verify their identity before they list their space on Stashbee. Our Booking Terms are there to protect your booking should anything go wrong. We’ll ask you and your Host to sign a copy before the start date of your rental, so you can both be on the same page.


How Does Stashbee Make Booking a Parking Space Safe During COVID-19?

Regardless of how much we love helping you find the perfect long-term parking spot, keeping our Guests, Hosts, and team safe during the pandemic is our highest priority. Our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide is continuously updated (we work in alignment with the most recent NHS recommendations). Here’s a quick overview to give you a feel for it:

  • Virtual viewings are safe viewings. If you’re in contact with your Host about viewing a space before booking, remember that the safest way to check out that space is virtually.

  • Practise social distancing.While virtual viewings are the safest option, if you must see the space in person, we recommend wearing a mask and keeping a distance of at least two metres from your Host at all times.

  • Remain flexible. Over the past year, uncertainty has made it hard to book anything in advance. That’s why we’ve updated our cancellation policy. If anything needs to be shifted, it can be - down to the last second.

For more information on how we make booking a safe process during the pandemic, please see our latest COVID-19 updates.


What are the Parking Restrictions in London?

Finding parking in London can be a big to-do. Although it varies depending on where in the city you are, it’s typical for restrictions to be in place in Central London from Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 6:30pm - making finding parking during the week a real task.

If you do find a spot, but fail to follow the pay and display guidelines or your metre runs out, you could be struck with a hefty fine that could cost anywhere from £80 to £130. Uh, no thank you.

To get to know the parking restrictions in a specific area of London, do your research beforehand and always read the signs on the street.

Can You Park on the Street in London?

Restrictions aside, you can park on the street in London - if you can find a spot, that is. The best way to guarantee you’ll be able to park your car with ease is to book a space ahead of time.

If you see yellow or red lines on the street, those are spots with restrictions. A red line means you cannot park or stop there for any reason, so we’d recommend avoiding those spots altogether. A double yellow line won’t allow you to park your vehicle there either, although stopping briefly to unload stuff or to drop off your mate is okay.

It’s also worth noting that the unrestricted spot you find isn’t guaranteed to come with security or be particularly well lit. By booking a spot with us, you’ll have a variety of parking choices. We’re here to help you find a long-term parking spot in the right location that has the extra security, lighting, and more you need, so you can relax knowing your car is protected.

Can You Park on Single Yellow Lines in London?

Single yellow lines are fine to park on, so long as you’re not trying to park there during restricted times. Typically, parking restrictions surrounding single yellow lines fall between Monday and Friday from 9am to 6pm - though these hours could vary depending on where you are in the city. Read the signage near the single yellow lines for a clear idea of what and when the restrictions are.

Or forget the trouble of trying to suss out a decent place to park your car in London altogether. Our easy to use interactive map is huge and full of parking options with different prices and locations. You’ll be able to compare spaces and connect with your Host before you book, so you can be sure the spot you find is the right fit for you - and your car.

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