Rent Car Storage near me

We connect people with spare car storage to those who need it.

Rent Car Storage near me

We connect people with spare car storage to those who need it.

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Benefits of Storing a car with Stashbee

Searching for a place to store your car can be a challenge. With Stashbee, however, you can easily explore a wide range of options for secure car storage near you.

You'll have access to thousands of spaces across the UK, from garages to parking spaces and warehouses. There are many benefits of using Stashbee:

Affordable Car Storage

Stashbee provides a diverse selection of storage and parking spaces with various features to suit your needs. Storing a car can be very expensive and difficult to find in cities. Using existing spaces, Stashbee provides more affordable solutions for parking cars, lorries, vans, and other vehicles.

Stashbee's car storage prices are often more competitive than the most affordable traditional alternatives.

Range of Security Levels

With an extensive range of secure vehicle storage options, you can find the perfect car storage space tailored to your security needs. Look at our listings, and you can find High-security storage for cars with CCTV, security bollards, lighting, 24/7 security, and more.

Finding the right space can ensure your valuable vehicle remains protected.

Convenient Locations

Finding suitable car storage near me can be challenging. However, Stashbee has thousands of car storage locations across the UK, ensuring convenience and accessibility. You can quickly find and book long term storage for any size car and move in as soon as you're ready.

With Stashbee, enjoy hassle-free car storage solutions tailored to your needs, budget, and location.

FAQs about Car Storage on Stashbee

There are two car storage options available on Stashbee: outdoor and indoor storage.

Outdoor Car Storage Options

  • Parking Spaces - Car parking spaces are usually rented within car parks where other vehicles are parked. You'll likely have an allocated parking space for your vehicle. Car parks are often enclosed by fencing and might provide enhanced security compared to open parking areas.
  • Driveways - A driveway is a patch of ground in front of a house or work where you can park your car. It's handy because you can easily access your vehicle, and it is often safer since it's near the building.

Indoor & Undercover Car Storage Options

  • Garages - With over 11 million garages in the UK, they can be an excellent place to store your car. A garage is a building specifically designed to keep vehicles. In the UK, garages are often attached to or close to people's homes. A garage offers more protection as it's sheltered from the elements and has a door that reduces the chances of theft.
  • Underground Car Parks - An underground car park is usually below a building or a public space. They usually have multiple spaces which are allocated to the renter. Underground car parks protect vehicles from bad weather and often have better security, like cameras and guards. This type of car storage space makes it easier to store your vehicle in busy cities.
  • Vehicle Storage Facilities - This is a dedicated space to store and protect vehicles, especially high-value supercars or classic cars. These facilities can offer advanced security, climate control, and tailored services, like maintenance and vehicle care. They cater to car enthusiasts, collectors, or owners who need secure, professional storage solutions.
  • Warehouses - There are thousands of warehouses with spare space in the UK. You can store your car in one of these spaces by renting a portion of the warehouse. This option provides shelter and security in a shared, affordable place. It suits those looking for local, affordable storage solutions without the cost of a dedicated facility.

The space required for vehicle storage depends on the type and size of your vehicle. Here are some examples:

  • Motorbikes: A small storage unit or dedicated motorbike storage is sufficient.
  • Small cars (e.g. VW Polo, Ford Fiesta): Around 120-150 square feet.
  • Medium cars (e.g., VW Golf, Toyota Corolla): Approximately 150-200 square feet.
  • Large cars (e.g., BMW 5 Series, Audi A6): Typically require 200-250 square feet.
  • Small vans (e.g., Ford Transit Connect, Renault Kangoo): Around 250-300 square feet.
  • Motorhomes (e.g., Fiat Ducato-based camper): May need 300-400 square feet or more.
  • Lorries (e.g., Mercedes-Benz Actros, Volvo FH): The space needed can range from 400 square feet upwards, depending on the lorry size.

Consider additional space for easy access and maneuvering when choosing your storage solution.

The cost of car storage in the UK varies based on location, storage facility type, storage duration, and any additional services offered. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Outdoor storage or open parking lots: This is usually the most affordable option, ranging from £40 to £200 per month, depending on the area.
  • Indoor or covered storage facilities: Prices can range from £100 to £300 per month, offering increased protection from the elements.
  • Specialist car storage service: These places specialise in high-value, classic car storage. The prices can range from £200 to over £500 per month.

Remember that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on the specific car storage facility and your requirements.

Access to your stored car depends on the specific space owner's preferences. Some space owners offer 24 hours access, while others have set access hours or require advance notice for vehicle access. Make sure you check the access on the owner's listing. Before booking, it is worth checking with the owner about potential restrictions, such as holiday access.

When putting your car into storage, it is essential to make sure you have the correct insurance in place. Stashbee does not currently provide insurance for your vehicle. Talk to your insurance provider to see if your current policy covers your vehicles while in storage.

Yes, you can store your classic car or supercar using the Stashbee platform. When searching for a storage option, you may consider listings that provide enhanced security, climate control, and additional services such as maintenance, ensuring your valuable car remains in good condition while in storage. It's important to consider the size of the storage space, as supercars can often be wider or longer than standard parking spaces and garages.

Yes, you can list your car storage space on Stashbee. Great car storage spaces like garages, driveways, parking spaces, warehouses and dedicated car storage facilities are in high demand. Once listed, we will connect you with renters looking for vehicle storage. Get your space listed HERE.

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