The Top Things to Consider When Renting a Warehouse

Need a warehouse for your business stock or business storage? Find out what you need to look for before renting a warehouse.

Running a business presents its fair few challenges, and one of those challenges is managing your stock. When your business is big or in the process of growing, eventually you’re going to need more space.

A warehouse is often a great choice when trying to find a storage space for your business. And it’s not just for large businesses either. Many smaller businesses also find renting a storage space helpful.

The only problem is finding the best warehouse for your business needs. There are a few things to consider when looking for the right warehouse and if it’s your first time looking for a one, you might be feeling a little lost. So to help you out, here are some of the things to look for when finding a warehouse space for rent.

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Size of the Warehouse

One of the first things you’re probably concerned about is the size of the warehouse. It’s one of the main things you should consider, especially as it depends on how much stock you’ll be storing in it.

Of course, the first thing you want to check out is the actual square footage of the warehouse’s floor space. Then, take into account how you plan to store and access your stock. For instance, would you be stacking stock on top of each other vertically? If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure that the cost of forklifting is included in your warehouse rent (or at least take those extra costs into consideration).

Of course, you might think about whether renting a smaller storage space is better for you, particularly if you’re just starting out. You should take into account whether you think you’ll need more space further down the line, and whether you have seasonal fluctuations.



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The Type of Storage

Part of storing your stock in a warehouse includes making sure it gets the optimal protection it needs. After all, you don’t want your stock to become damaged or spoiled. So, when you choose a warehouse space, you must consider factors like damp, weather conditions, extreme heat etc. These can have a massive impact on your stock (depending on what kind of stock you’re storing).

Are you storing food products or any kind of perishable items? Can things melt if the weather is too warm? If there was to be any kind of damp in the warehouse, would your items be affected?

If climate-controlled storage is what you need, keep on the lookout for warehouses that have this feature. Ask all the questions to get all the answers you need to know. Like would you need to install a system yourself? Or would maintenance charges be included by the landlord?



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Warehouse Facilities & Features

Once you’ve settled on the size of the warehouse space, next you need to think about the types of facilities or features you’ll need for your business storage.

Do you need vehicle access? Do large vehicles in particular (like trucks and vans) need to be able to enter into the warehouse? Is there parking space outside that can be accessed for these vehicles?

There are other features you may need and therefore want to consider, such as, water supply, heating and lighting. Also, is shelving included? As this may help you with the layout and structure of your business storage.


Access is a very important feature to consider, especially if you will be storing large goods. You’ll no doubt need a large lorry to transport your goods to and from the warehouse. On the other hand, if your business is smaller, you probably won’t need access for large trucks, or a parking area at all.

Plus, if you want trucks and vans to be able to drive right into the warehouse, you’ll need to ensure that there are loading doors for the warehouse. If that’s not the case, you may be able to save some money by renting a warehouse that doesn’t include these extra features.



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Location, location, location… You’ve heard it all before. But when it comes to renting a warehouse, the location of it is an important factor.

Do you need your warehouse to be in a specific area of the UK? How will you be distributing your stock? You’ll no doubt want to be in a central location, perfect for ease of access and delivery. However, small businesses may be able to get away by not following that rule. Perhaps even more so if your stock doesn’t consist of large items. 

There are warehouses in London that you can rent, but you may also want to be looking at other areas outside of the Congestion and ULEZ zones. Although, at Stashbee we have warehouses across the UK!

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17th Jun 2022