The Stashbee Guide to Christmas Storage

Christmas storage made easy. Find out the best way to store your Christmas tree and decorations, including Stashbee storage spaces near you.

Christmas is well and truly on its way, so you know what that means - it won’t be long before it’s time to dig out the Christmas tree and all the other festive decorations you might have stored away.

But as much fun as the holiday season is, we often enjoy it so much, we barely notice the time go by until it’s time to pack up the decorations again.

That’s why you should already start thinking about how to up your Christmas storage game, so we’ve put together the perfect guide to storing your decorations to keep them in good nick until it’s time to deck the halls all over again.

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Christmas Decoration Storage

Christmas decorations only come out once a year, but when it’s time to put them away, it’s an extremely important task to do right. Baubles and lights are quite fragile, which means that if they’re not put away with care, they can break or get damaged easily. Luckily, there are loads of quick tips and handy Christmas storage solutions that’ll keep your decorations in good shape until next year.

1. Sort Out Your Decorations

First things first, take your Christmas decorations and organise them - great prep for a clutter-free Christmas next year!

Is there anything you’d like to get rid of? Look out for anything showing signs of wear and tear, or you’ve bought new ones recently and no longer need some of your older ones.

Once you’ve had a look, gather up any decorations you’d like to get rid of and see if they can be recycled or given away to people who’d like to reuse them.

Hanging A Gold Bauble On A Christmas Tree

2. Use See-through Containers to Organise Decorations

There’s nothing worse than seeing a cardboard box full of a messy mixture of all your festive decor. Do yourself a favour and prepare for next year by getting your decorations completely organised.

See-through containers are particularly great for Christmas decoration storage, since you’ll know exactly what’s inside it with just one look.

Organising baubles and the rest of your decor by colour will be as satisfying as it is convenient - then all you need to do is simply stick a label on the box to put your Christmas storage anxiety to bed.



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3. Keep Your Christmas Lights Untangled

Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas lights, but one of the biggest chores of Christmas storage has to be setting them up and packing them away! Keeping them untangled and organised will help loads.

In fact, you could invest in a storage reel to keep your lights neatly wrapped around. Then, when it’s time to light them up, you can unroll and plug them in easily.

Bundle Of Christmas Tree Lights

4. Keep Your Christmas Decorations Stored Safely

Next, you’re going to want a place to store your festive decorations. If you have a clear attic or storage room, those will be good spots to store your decorations safely, keeping them out of the way until next December.

However, if you simply don’t have the room in your home, why not rent out a storage space with one of our verified Stashbee Hosts. You can use it to store your Christmas decorations as well as anything else you may need put away for later.

Christmas Tree Storage

For some, this might be the bigger job when it comes to Christmas storage. But what’s the best way to store your artificial Christmas tree? Your first thought might be to put it back in the box it came in. Good idea - and if it still fits, then go for it! But it’s not always that easy.

If you’re having a hard time getting your Christmas tree to fit in a box or bag, try cinching it with old belts or velcro straps to keep the branches as tightly together as possible.

Child Laid Next To A Christmas Tree

When it comes to storing your Christmas tree, you might want to store it alongside your other festive decorations. Whether that be your attic, storage room or in a rented space from Stashbee. The great thing about storing with Stashbee is that your Christmas decorations will be out of your hair until you need it again.

Christmas Present Storage

On another note, you might be thinking about the best place to hide your Christmas presents until it’s time to put them under the tree. It requires some sneakiness and creativity to hide presents where nobody else will look - especially if you’re living with the people you’re buying for.

First thing’s first, it’s always handy to have big reusable bags to keep the presents in until you get around to wrapping them. That way you can keep your gifts hidden from prying eyes.



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Once you’ve got them packed away in bags, find a spot that your loved ones won’t check. It could be under the bed (if you have space or compartments to store things), in a closet or drawers (for smaller presents) or the attic and spare room (if you have one).

Christmas Tree With Lights And A Fireplace

Whether it’s temporary storage space for Christmas presents, or a longer-term solution for Christmas decoration storage throughout the year, we have loads of dedicated Hosts across the country who are ready to put their unused space to good use. Search for a storage space near you and get your Christmas storage prepped and ready for next year!

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Updated 18th Apr 2023

Written 14th Oct 2021