Christmas Decoration Ideas to Make Your Listing Stand Out This Year

Want to make your listing merry and bright this year? Renters will rave about these Christmas decoration ideas!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of year, so what, for goodness sake, could make it better? Filling your storage listing, of course! Renting out space in your home and earning some extra cash could be just the ticket to making your loved ones’ stockings overflow with gifts this year.

Deck the halls of your storage space and dazzle renters with holiday flare. No decoration ideas coming to mind? No problem. We’ve got just the Christmas decorating tips that will spruce up your space and attract renters to your listing.


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Christmas Decoration Ideas Your Renters Will Love

Renters will be flocking to your doorstep after they see how you’ve decorated your listing with Christmas cheer - and not just to sing Christmas carols.

1) Line your listing in lights

There’s nothing like a stroll down Candy Cane Lane around Christmas time. You know, that street in your neighbourhood that seems to produce its own synchronised light show every year. It’s time for you to get in on the fun! If you’re aiming to rent out a garage or parking space this holiday season, try sprucing it up with some outdoor twinkling lights of your own.



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2) Make your front door festive

Ah, the front door. According to feng shui, this is where energy first enters the home. If you’re trying to attract the magic of Christmas into your house this year, give one of these door decorating ideas a try:

  • Hang a wreath for an easy decoration that’s a winner every year
  • Wrap your door in gift wrap to let potential renters know you’ve got the gift of storage they’ve been looking for
  • Put down a merry doormat to attract some holiday spirit into your home
  • Get your hands dirty with a nature-inspired DIY project for your front door

Whether you decide to go traditional with a wreath or opt for a modern look, you can’t go wrong in giving your front door a holly jolly makeover.

3) Set the tone for your home

The living room is the perfect space to nurture the cosy and colourful feeling of Christmas. This room is special because it often acts as the anchor in a house, influencing the look and feel of the rest of the home. Just adding a little light to your sitting room will easily showcase the holiday decor you put up throughout your home this year. And, hopefully, attract renters to your listing! Light up your life by:

  • Stringing lights cross your mantle with ornaments and garland
  • Lining the room in lights by draping them along the walls and from the ceiling
  • Going all out on your tree decor by doubling up on strings of lights

Twinkling lights add magic wherever they are hung… so imagine using more than one string of lights on your Christmas tree. Who knows, will all that extra Christmas spirit presents may just appear underneath it overnight!



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4) Add a touch of nature

Now we know what you’re thinking: What on Earth am I going to do with all of these pinecones I collected on my last camping trip? We’re so glad you asked. Instead of letting them gather dust, give them a new life! You can:

  • Paint them in the colours of the season. Red and green or gold and silver would be our first choice.
  • Hang them from your Christmas tree where they’ll look right at home.
If you’re feeling crafty, make them into felt pinecone owl ornaments.

A nature-inspired holiday look will bring a smile to any potential renter’s face.

Disclaimer: Stashbee does not endorse eating pine cones. Unless you’re a rabbit - then we’re all for it. But if you’re a rabbit, you’re probably not reading this blog post. Sigh. It’s a catch-22, isn't it?



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5) Dress up your Christmas tree

Oh, Christmas tree. Though its branches are lovely, it would look even nicer with any of these Christmas tree decorating ideas.

  • Go monochromatic - Pick a colour that screams fa la la and let it guide the whole look of your tree. An all white tree, or silver, or even blue is just as merry and bright as a tree decorated with red and green (and every color in between).
  • Add ribbons - Contrary to popular belief, ribbons and bows aren’t just for wrapped gifts. They can make great accents for Christmas trees, too! Fill the gaps between ornaments and tinsel by tying ribbon to the branches of your Christmas tree this year.
  • Top off your tree - The star on top of the Christmas tree is like the icing on the cake: the finishing touch. But there are plenty of other tree-topping options that would look just as good, if not better, than a star. Mix it up this year with a giant ribbon tied into a bow, a snowman, or a glittering bird. If your tree decor is brilliant enough as is, be bold by leaving the topper off altogether.


6) Areas for extra ornaments

Maybe you’re tempted to use every ornament you have in the house on your tree, but there are other areas of the home ornaments can dazzle your renters!

Try stashing your extra ornaments under a glass cake dish and send them to centre stage on your dining room table. There you have it! A quick and easy centrepiece that keeps those beautiful ornaments in full view and out of the way. If you don’t have a cake dish laying about, this is the perfect time to use that decorative bowl you’ve got stowed away for special occasions. We’ve all got one of those, right?

Toss some spare ornaments in a bowl along with some pine cones and maybe a few sprigs borrowed from your Christmas tree and bam. Centrepiece done.

If centrepieces aren’t really your thing, not to fret. Those spare ornaments would look great scattered on a mantle, hung in front of a window, or stacked in a glass vase.


And there we have it. These Christmas decoration ideas are sure to leave your listing looking merry and bright. Renters will stop and stare at the spectacle of your rental space! If you give any of these decorating ideas a try, we’d love to see! Tweet us a picture of this year’s Christmas decorations.

Happy holidays!

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Updated 13th Apr 2023

Written 10th Dec 2020