Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Check out these eight DIY ideas for special Valentine’s Day gifts and make the holiday memorable

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bee. *Bee who? (Stash)*Bee mine… and our gift ideas. Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and if you are like your calendar: you have a date.

If you spent a lot on Christmas presents or the New Year’s getaway and you can’t splurge on Valentine’s: don’t panic. We have prepared a list of sweet and easy-to-make presents that your partner will enjoy.


Memory Love Box

A picture is worth a thousand words. Every picture holds a memory of your time together while you spend your time reminiscing those moments. 
Find a cardboard box and print out your favourite pictures together.

If you happen to keep memorabilia like plane tickets or theatre stubs of movies you have seen together, decorate the box with those.

Amorous Corkboard

It doesn’t feel like much but once you decorate it with pictures of you and your significant other, it will be one of the most romantic presents ever.

You can even add a map with all the destinations you’ve been to and use pins for all the destinations you are dreaming of going to. Add anything that will remind your companion of your time together.

Run The Perfect Bath

Well, obviously, you will need a bathtub for that. Other necessary things for the present: your significant other’s drink of choice (tea, lemonade, wine, champagne, you know them better than we do); candles; a bath bomb with the favourite scent of your favourite person, and a romantic playlist.

Extra: add a romantic rubber duck or if you are more into the classic moves - rose petals. Prepare it in advance and enjoy a romantic night in.

Personalised Grooming Jar

Splurge on your beau’s favourite travel minis, e.g. perfume, shower gel, body butter, beard oil. Get a big mason jar, shove everything inside, and decorate the jar with thematic stickers.

Chocolates and mini bottles of alcohol are also a great addition to the jar. You can buy special glitter paint and write the name or the pet name you use for them on the jar.



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Date Ideas Jar

You will need another mason jar and a few popsicle sticks. You can just use paper but you won’t be able to use this amazing line: What did one popsicle say to the other? You make me melt.

Let your imagination go wild with the date ideas. You can even go a step further and buy some colourful pens/paper or paint and colour code the sticks/notes depending on the type of date: outdoor, indoor, culture, free, etc. It is a gift that will keep giving.

Indoor Herb Garden

You might already have an outside garden, but don’t let that stop you from giving your significant other a mini indoor herb garden. All you will need is a few packages of their favourite herbs - parsley, mint, sage, cilantro, rosemary; a planter, soil, and a few pots.

You can customise the pots with puns like “Thyme for you” and “We’re mint to be”.

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Secret Spot Keychain

If you want to get crafty, this is the perfect gift for your boo. Depending on how much time and money you want to spend, you need a blank keychain, a map of a place, and some glue. It can be the place where you first met, had your first date, or a map of a vacation destination you both loved.

You can also use thick cardboard to make the keychain. Your significant other will remember their keys for at least a few weeks - or will be too afraid to ask you where they are. 

Sweet Tackle Box

If your honey has a sweet tooth and you don’t want to give them just a box of sugar, get yourself a tackle box and fill it with their favourite sugar treats. Don’t forget to make the box even more special by adding a personal note like I am hooked on you.

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Written 13th Feb 2024