5 Ways to Put Your Garage to Good Use

Put your garage to good use. A garage conversion can give you just the space you need, or rent it out for extra income.
A garage can be the perfect complement to your home - who would have thought? Garages have traditionally been seen as a useful spot to park your car, but nowadays it would seem we prefer to use them for other purposes. In fact, the RAC reported that nearly six million UK garages are not used for cars, but rather household junk. But space is a commodity these days, especially when living in big cities like London. So a garage conversion, clear and clutter-free, can offer you the space you’ve been craving for. If you’re ready to get rid of the clutter and put your garage to good use, check out these five great ideas.

1. Use Your Garage for Your Gardening Gear

Many people have a garden but don’t have a shed or a dedicated area to keep all their gardening tools. In that case, your garage can be the perfect space to keep your garden in order.

According to the RAC, gardening tools and garden furniture make up 74% of the items most commonly kept in garages, but if you add some organisation it can actually be a great space, especially for gardening hobbyists. Put up some shelves, hooks and pegs, then you can start to stack things like fertiliser and soil, and hang up your spades, shovels and more.

2. Create a Workout Space or a Home Gym

Keen to get your daily workout done? But not so keen to head (or even pay) for the gym? Invest your time, money and energy into converting your garage into a gym. It will probably save you money in the long run, but you also won’t have to travel very far to enjoy a dedicated workout space.

Add mats on the floor for ground exercises, stretching and more. Then, add the equipment you’ve always dreamt of having, from a treadmill to a weight bench. You might also benefit from adding a couple of mirrors along the walls so you can focus on your technique and form. Plus, you might want to add a mounted TV to keep you entertained, or some speakers, especially if you’re thinking of turning your garage into a dance studio, otherwise bluetooth speakers may suffice.

3. Make it a Playroom for Kids or Adults

Convert your garage into a safe space for the little ones to enjoy themselves and play. You can put down colourful foam flooring and decorate the walls with cartoon characters or other family-friendly decor. Put a bunch of toys in there or an arts and crafts area, and the kids will have an open space to play inside and outside (when you open the garage door).

On the other hand, a playroom isn’t just for children right? Turn your garage into a space for you to chill out. It could be perfect for when your friends come around and other social gatherings. Throw a sofa in there, alongside a homely rug. You might even like a beer fridge or a full on bar space if you’re really into cocktail making and hosting parties. Plus, a pool table is an extra nice touch for a little competitive flavour in your garage.

4. Convert It Into an Office Space

Working from home has never been so popular. Many of us have the space to comfortably work from home, whilst others, not so much. But if you don’t have the space in your home, you might have it in your garage. If you’re committed to creating a clearer and bigger space for your working life, consider converting your garage into a home office space.

Repaint the garage, add some lighting and homely decor, then add some bits of furniture. You’ll definitely need a desk, a comfy chair, your PC or laptop, and any other electronics you may need to do your job. Put some plants in there, and you’ll have a lovely dedicated office space for when you work from home.

5. Rent It Out For Storage

Maybe you have a garage, but you’re not interested in a garage conversion. You might not particularly need a dedicated space for anything. And so, you have a garage that might be holding your storage, but not doing much else.

Did you know that you can earn extra income by renting out your spare garage space? And it’s super easy too. Rent out your garage to people within the local community who need it. They’ll be able to use your garage for storing their bits and bobs, and you’ll be earning a fairly easy passive income.


7th Mar 2022