The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Garage Workbench UK

Everything you need to consider and options about the best garage workbench UK

A garage workbench, often called a workmate after the original, 1960s product, is the central station of any workshop. Whether you’re a professional craftsman, a keen carpenter, or a home DIY enthusiast, choosing the best workbench UK for your needs will improve any project. 

A workbench will offer a primary working surface that can be improved with further tables and garage accessories. This piece of equipment will be by your side for many years, so it's important to take your time and make the best investment possible.There are a few questions to tick off before taking the plunge:

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Things to consider before buying

What will you use your workbench for?

You're buying this surface to suit your DIY needs so you need to think about what those might be…

If you’re dealing with heavy materials a large max weight capacity is a no-brainer. If you do a lot of painting and polishing, a broad surface area will be key. If you need a work table for sawing then you might want a product with inbuilt vices, or a model that doubles up as a sawing bench.

How much space do you have?

We can’t all justify a full-sized wall-length workbench. If you’ve got limited space in your garage or shed, a compact folding table might be right for you. Many products on the market are also highly portable, letting you move your workstation at your convenience. 

That being said, a workbench can also double up as a great storage unit. If you have a permanent garage setup it might be worth maximising the storage potential of a larger, heavier unit. 

What height should your work table be?

How long is a piece of string? Work table height is an important factor in comfort and preventing injuries - but this will depend on your height and the stance you like to work at. 

Workbench height and depth differ across products so make sure to check the dimensions before making an online purchase. Some options have an adjustable working height but this can compromise stability. If this is a feature you’re after, check that products have well-reviewed locking systems.

What features should the workbench offer?

Investing in this central piece of equipment might save you time and money down the line. Many top of the range products come with table jaws, vices, storage options and inbuilt clamps. Prices vary, but getting the best bang for your buck will require a deep dive into your personal requirements and the tools you already have.

With all that being said, there are a few products that stand out. Here’s a list of popular options to help you choose the best workbench for your needs and your home. 



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Compact and Portable workbench

The Bosch PWB 600 Work Bench has a trustworthy brand name and lots of 5 star reviews to match. This is a great compact option and at 12kg it’s also highly portable. 

Happy customers mention the speed and ease with which the Bosch work table folds down into a more compact form. That being said, Bosch doesn't skimp on storage. This work table offers a small, handy draw and a 3 year warranty to boot. The Bosch PWB 600 is a high quality product and has a relatively expensive price tag to match. 

For those in the market for a slightly cheaper model, the Stanley FatMax folding workbench has a flatpack structure that makes it easy to store away. This product is made even more handy by its versatile range of clamping holes which enable extensive clamping options. 

Some Versatile Options

The Black & Decker Workmate Plus WM825 is a top pick for any home DIY lover with wide-ranging requirements. This workmate is height adjustable, with  2 different working heights that can easily be switched for your preference. This unit is designed for wide ranging, light DIY projects. It can be used as a vice and even as a sawhorse if you fold in the four adjustable legs.

If you’re after a sleeker, plastic product with similar versatility then the WORX WX051 Pegasus Multi Function work table might be the best choice. The clue is in the name with this workbench, which doubles up as a state of the art sawhorse whilst staying steady as a rock. 



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For the Heavy Loads

For a compact table the Keter Master Pro Folding Work Table boasts an insane maximum load capacity of 453kg. It’s a perfect choice for those undertaking heavier projects and the work bench itself is relatively light considering its sensational weight capacity. This heavy duty tool will also add two inbuilt squeeze clamps to your workshop. 

The Investment Piece

Of course, portability and convenience aren’t key factors for every customer. You may be lucky enough to invest in a larger, heavier work bench. Heavy, wooden installations like the Arbor Garden Solutions heavy duty work table are the kind of workshop centrepiece that many Home DIY enthusiasts dream about. 

This 6 foot long wooden bench may be awkwardly shaped but it's definitely durable, with an immense maximum load capacity of 950kg. This is a great pick for those looking to invest money and space into their workshops.

The Storage Compromise

The Hardcastle black steel 2-tier workbench offers two shelving tiers. There’s a workbench above and a great storage shelf below. If you’re worried that adding a workbench might limit space for your other tools, then this lower shelf will let you keep all of your DIY tools in one unit. 

The distance between the shelves can also be altered if you need to save on vertical space. The Hardcastle workbench is super affordable, coming in at the cheapest on this list by a considerable way. 

At the end of the day there are as many workbenches as DIYers. The best workbench is the one that makes your life easier, fits your garage and enables your DIY projects!

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Updated 13th Apr 2023

Written 12th Dec 2022