Why Many Stashbee Hosts Use KeyNest Stores For Providing Access

Find out why KeyNest is a simple and must-have companion when renting out your space with Stashbee!
Whether you’re renting out a spare room, locked garage, or self-storage unit, chances are your Renter is going to need to collect some sort of key from you in order to gain access.

With social distancing laws in place for the majority of last year, many Stashbee hosts found our KeyNest Stores the perfect remote solution for ensuring maximum safety. And even now, our stores are still the top choice for many Hosts, due to how easy they make the key exchange process.

No Need For In-Person Exchanges

Got a garage that you’re looking to rent out while you’re off on a family holiday? With our KeyNest Stores, there’s no need to also have to factor an in-person key exchange into your pre-holiday plans.

Stashbee hosts can simply drop the garage key off at their local KeyNest Store, and send the collection code to the Renter - who can then pick up the key at a time that best suits them.

Plenty of 24/7 Stores

It’s all well and good providing remote key access, but if there are still constraints on when the Renter can go and pick up the key, you might as well just arrange a handover in person.

Thankfully, many KeyNest Stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These kinds of flexible arrangements are super attractive to prospective Renters, but thanks to KeyNest Stores, are no extra effort for hosts.

Peace of Mind

Let’s be honest - we’ve all hidden a key behind a plant pot before for a family member or neighbour. But trying to give hiding place directions to someone who doesn’t know your property is more stress than it’s worth.

Providing Hosts with peace of mind about the security of their space, KeyNest Stores are the ultimate secure solution - and Hosts will even be notified whenever their key is collected or returned.

For more information and pricing, head to our KeyNest Stores page, or click here to find your nearest location.


13th Dec 2021