Hosting with Stashbee: Safety for You and Your Family, Guaranteed

Have peace of mind when you Host with Stashbee. Our Hosting terms and conditions were written with the safety of you and your family in mind.
Earning extra income is always exciting. However, you want to be sure your side hustle won't interfere with your family or the time you spend with them. That’s where we come in.

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If you want to rent out your garage, driveway, or other unused space, you’re in luck - Stashbee is a great way to make some extra money and it’s safe as houses to boot. Signing up as a Host is an easy and fast way to earn tax-free income on the side (more about that here). With our robust vetting process and COVID safety measures, you and your family can feel secure renting out your garage (or other unused space) for parking or storage with Stashbee.



Safety for Hosts

Keeping our Hosts and their families safe will always be our top priority. We do our best to make Hosting with Stashbee a great experience all around. That’s why we’ve developed these helpful policies and procedures - so you can have peace of mind renting out your space, especially if you have kiddos at home.


Listing your space

Whether you want to choose exactly when Guests can use your space or don’t mind sharing that extra garage door opener to allow 24/7 access, you get to decide the terms of your listing. You are your own boss, meaning your Guest will work around your availability, and you never have to offer anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

You can let Guests know what to expect when they rent out your space straight from the get-go by including your non-negotiable terms in your listing description. For example, if you’ve got kids who go to bed early, simply disclose the times your Guests can access the rental space. That way, you’ve set expectations upfront and avoided any chances they may accidentally wake the little ones or get in the way of family time.



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Communicating with your Guest

Our Host dashboard allows you to communicate with your Guest without ever having to share your mobile number or email address. You can feel secure in the knowledge that you never have to share any personal contact information.


ID verification

As a Host, you can ask your Guest to verify their identity before sharing any personal information, like your home address, with them. This way, you can feel safe knowing exactly who you’re sharing your details with online.

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You and your family can feel secure knowing exactly who is using your space.

Payment system

Our secure automated payment system Stripe takes care of your Guests’ payments. In the unlikely scenario that payments are missed or late, you’ll never have to chase after your Guest - we resolve late all payments on your behalf. This way, you get the cash you’ve earned, guaranteed - no chasing cheques or awkward confrontations, just money straight into your bank account each month.



If you’re renting out your garage space or spare room, we typically ask Guests to provide a refundable rental deposit. This deposit is meant to cover damage to a rental space and issues like overstays. If you are handing over a spare key to your Guest, we also collect a key deposit up front.

Deposits are held for the length of the booking. Only once the booking has ended and you, the Host and space owner, have confirmed that everything is in tip top shape and that there have been no incidentals is the deposit returned to the Guest.

Deposits are meant to help you relax, knowing that in the off chance something does go wrong with your booking, it’s already covered.

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Booking Agreement

Before a booking begins, we ask that both you and your Guest sign a copy of our Booking Agreement. Similar to a tenancy agreement, the terms and conditions outlined in this policy meet the standard for rentals. By having both parties sign a copy, we ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what to expect from the booking.

In the very rare case that the space is used by the Guest in ways other than what is outlined in your Booking Agreement, we reserve the right to terminate the booking at any time. Just let us know and we’ll sort it.

You can feel secure knowing we’re here to help you no matter what happens.


Guest Insurance

The stuff Guests store in your space is covered up to for up to £1,000. This way, in the unfortunate event of a fire, flood or other unexpected incident, Guests will have their stuff covered. This means that you won’t be left high and dry should unforeseen damage happen to a Guest’s things while under your care - we’ve got it covered.

But don’t forget - this insurance doesn’t cover vehicles, so it may be worth looking into other forms of insurance should your Guest want to park their car in your space!


Customer support

Our friendly support team is available to you by email or phone five days a week should you need any support or advice. We also have a wealth of advice in our Help Centre.

We want to make sure you’re having a great time Hosting (as you should), so if there is ever anything we can do to help you out, please reach out!




Hosting 101: How to Be a Good Host

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To sign up as a Host and begin making extra income from your unused space, all you’ve got to do is click here. Who knows - maybe you can treat your family to a fun day out with all the extra money you’ll make!


Become a Host


Join thousands of Stashbee Hosts, start earning now

Become a Host


Updated 13th Apr 2023

Written 10th Apr 2021