5 Ways to Avoid Parking Tickets

Do you have an unfortunate habit of collecting parking tickets? Dodge them altogether by using these 5 easy ways to avoid parking fines.
It’s a typical Monday morning. You spent too much time trying to find matching socks, now you’re running late for work. Taking your hot brew to-go, traffic causes an unfortunate spill on your best button-up.

Things are not looking good, but wait. What’s that? The perfect parking spot, right next to your office building!

Things are starting to look up, eh? That’s what you thought, until you return to your car on lunch only to find that you’ve been slapped with a hefty parking fine - ouch.

The good news is, mornings like this are avoidable. If you’re asking yourself, how much is a parking ticket, it’s best to not find out. We’re here to help you avoid parking tickets all together with these five helpful tips.

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5 Easy Ways to Put the Brakes on Parking Tickets

If you’ve ever received a penalty charge notice, you know that it can be a bit of a bummer. With these cheap monthly parking options in your area, you can be sure to avoid the next one

1. Rent a parking space

Imagine being on the way to work and knowing exactly where you’re going to park your car. Think it’s impossible? Think again. By renting a monthly parking space with Stashbee, you’re giving yourself a handful of gifts that make your life easier.

  • Peace of mind that no matter how your day goes, you won’t be ticketed for parking
  • Free up some time that you would have spent looking for parking
  • Security, knowing your car is safe and sound in its very own spot

Browsing parking spaces in your area has never been simpler. No matter where you’re coming from or going to, our search map lets you peruse parking spaces and compare costs in a snap.




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2. Read the fine print

Maybe you don’t mind the fuss of finding parking every day. That’s all fine and dandy, but be sure to make yourself aware of parking restrictions that may be governing the area.

Being punished by the system for something you didn’t realise you did wrong can feel like a set-back on even the sunniest of days. To avoid parking tickets every time you park your car, be sure to take a moment to read the signs surrounding your area.

You may have to walk a little to get a sense of the rules, but it will be worth it if it means avoiding a ticket. Though it may be a Sunday, some parkinnow for yourself if this is the case.

Parking within the guidelines of your zone is a full-proof way to avoid a yellow love letter from your parking warden. As long as you’re playing by the rules, you can go about your day worry-free.



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3. Grace yourself

Let’s say you’re out and about, having a grand ol’ time. You get lost in your activities and time is slipping away faster than you think. By the time you get back to your car, it’s too late. You received a parking ticket.

Luckily, some car parks allow a 10-minute grace period (we’ll be taking that whole 10 minutes, thank you very much). Despite this allowance, give yourself a grace period to get back to your car by setting an alarm on your phone or your watch.

This way, you’ll know when it’s time to start heading back to your car, no matter how hypnotised you are by the happenings around you.


4. Park within the lines

We’ve all had that moment when we step out of the car and realise we could have done a better job at parking our car - especially when it comes to parallel parking.

Next time, instead of shrugging it off, take a minute to safely put your car in the proper spot.

Parking between the lines in a car park is a simple step that lowers your chances of getting a ticket, and it frees up space for your neighbours to park their cars, too - adding a little good karma to the bank.

These other Do’s and Don’ts are great to keep in mind when you’re practising parking etiquette:

  • Sometimes park on single yellow lines - single yellow lines means parking is restricted at certain times of the day. It’s okay to park on them, but read the signs in that area to know when restrictions are in effect.
  • Don't park on double yellow lines - double yellow lines mean no parking at any time.
  • Don't park in a bus lane - signage will make it obvious if you’re in one.
  • Do park in a car park whenever possible - the chances you’ll get ticketed are higher when you’re parking on the road
With these easy-to-follow rules in mind, avoiding parking tickets will become second nature.



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5. Pay for it

You found a parking space! Good on you. Honor that lucky spot by paying for it at the metre. Whether you’ve got plenty of pence scattered throughout your car, or you never carry cash on you, you should still be able to pay for parking. Most metres these days allow for debit or credit transactions.

It's worth mentioning that if you have to plug in information about your number plate, be sure to get it right. Technically, you could be ticketed if you mix up 0 for ‘o’.

Maybe it was unavoidable, but let’s say you did discover the misfortune of a penalty charge notice on your car and now you’ve got to pay your parking fine. Not to worry. You’ve got plenty of days to pay.

In some cases, you can pay your parking fine online and be done with it. Some tickets will require you to pay within 14 days, while others will be settled so long as they are paid within 28 days.

So long as you pay within the allotted time, you’ll be asked to pay the original fine. If you go beyond the timeframe to pay, however, you might be required to pay more.


As parking spot aficionados, we hope you’ll consider renting monthly parking as the least effort way to avoid the hassle of dealing with tickets. Let’s admit it: seeing that little yellow notice stuck to your window is a real drag.

If you need help finding a space that’s right for you, have a browse of our thousands of parking spaces.

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Updated 19th Apr 2023

Written 23rd Jan 2021