National Parking Platform in the UK 2024

Have you ever had to download and use 10 different apps to pay for parking? Sometimes when parking spots are literally one street away from each other? If you’re nodding right now, you understand the frustration. (Like parallel parking wasn’t troublesome enough) Well, we’ve got good news for you. The National Parking Platform aims to make your parking (and life) a whole lot easier.

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What is the National Parking Platform?

Spearheaded by the British Parking Association and backed by the government, the National Parking Platform is an initiative to streamline the parking experience nationwide. At its core, it's a centralised digital platform that allows motorists to find, book, and pay for parking using a single mobile app or website.

Most car parks in the UK currently require you to use different apps to pay for parking. The government has finally realised the inconvenience this causes in the daily lives of people and has decided to test a new system that centralises parking data and allows you to use a parking app of your choosing for all street parking.


How Does the National Parking Platform Affect Drivers?

The NPP offers several advantages to drivers. We’ve highlighted some of them below: 

Digital payments

One of the biggest selling points is the ability to pay for parking entirely through the app using your debit or credit card – no more scrambling for coins or overpaying because you don't have exact change. The app will let you view parking rates and restrictions in your area, and then pay the precise amount from your mobile device.

Parking Availability

The platform will also incorporate live parking availability data from councils and private operators across the country. This means you can check parking occupancy before leaving, map out the closest open spaces to your destination, and even reserve a spot in advance for particularly busy areas.



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Centralised pricing

Another key benefit is the increased transparency and consistency in parking policies and pricing. Currently, every council has different rules, rates, and payment methods – a nightmare for anyone driving between jurisdictions. The National Parking Platform aims to standardise these wherever possible.

When will the National Parking Platform be Introduced?

The National Parking Platform (NPP) has already seen success in certain cities such as Oxford, Manchester, Coventry, Cheshire West and Chester. Plans for a much bigger expansion are set to take place in Autumn 2024.

Plenty of details still need to be ironed out, including ensuring the platform is accessible for non-smartphone users and addressing concerns around privacy and data sharing.

What is the Future of Parking With the National Parking Platform?

Statistics have shown that 83% of people want to see the end of parking apps because they’re too complex to use. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. The NPP has made finding, booking and paying for parking much easier and quicker for the driver.

While it’s currently only been implemented for street parking, it could also potentially include non-street parking, such as car parks, further simplifying the journey for drivers. Authorities have also reported a symbol being incorporated in places that have implemented the NPP as an indication to drivers.

Furthermore, drivers may also be allowed to pay for their Electric Vehicle charging with the parking app, simplifying the payment process further.

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Written 14th Mar 2024