When Not to Visit Your Kids at Uni

The kids are off to university and as much as you’re going to want to visit them, there are going to be some points when you might not be so welcome.
September has come around and the kids have started their new journeys at university. We all know what the uni life entails. Making new friends, partying, joining societies, partying - ahem, we mean, studying hard. But as your teens get started with their new lives, and probably in a new city to boot, you’ll no doubt want to visit them every now and then. But kids will be kids, and there are times when you should limit the university visits. Read on for our guide on when to avoid paying them a visit.

Don’t Visit If You Plan to Surprise Them

Let’s be honest, having guests show up unannounced is not the best. And if you’re not a fan of people showing up at your door, your kids will probably feel the same too. They most likely have plans, whether it’s to study, work, meet up with friends… whatever the case may be, when it comes to university visits, it’s always best to call ahead.

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Do Plan Ahead Instead

If you are planning to visit your kids, make sure you let them know! They’ll be able to tell you which days and times work best for them, which can allow you to both settle on a suitable date. That way, they can get any outstanding work or plans done right before some scheduled family time.

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Don’t Visit Too Early in the Morning

Unless you’ve specifically arranged it in advance, it’s probably a safe bet to not show up and visit in the mornings, especially on weekends. They’re most likely hoping to get a bit of a lie-in, whether it’s because they’ve been working hard all week, partying all night, or both.

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Do Schedule a Later Visit

If you know your teen can sleep all day, then plan your university visits for later in the day. It could be an afternoon visit for lunch, or maybe even schedule an evening visit for dinner and some catch-up time in their new favourite pub. Whatever you settle on, trust us - the kids love it when the parents treat them to a proper meal.

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Don’t Visit Them After They’ve Had a Night Out

The kids are no doubt having the time of their lives when at university, and that includes going out whenever their schedule allows it. But a night of partying will often lead to a hangover the next morning, and you may well already be aware that there’s nothing worse than having to entertain guests when your head’s spinning.

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Do Come Prepared With Hangover Cures

There’s nothing better than a visit from parents, especially if they’ve come bearing gifts. In this case, a few bottles of water, some paracetamol and the smell of a home-cooked meal will do just the trick.

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Don’t Visit After a Long Day at Uni

Depending on your teen’s timetable, sometimes they might have a specific day during the week which is super busy. They might have loads of classes that day, or perhaps they have sports training later on. Whatever it may be, they’ll no doubt have long days at uni and are hoping to rest afterwards. During this time, university visits are a no go!

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Do Visit on the Weekend

The weekend is probably the best time to visit the kids at uni, or at least on a day of the week when they have fewer classes. That way, you’ll have way more time to go out with your kids and enjoy the whole day together.

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When you do visit, the kids will be thankful - trust us! Plus, there’s no need to worry about wrangling university parking because we’ve got you covered. Find a spot close to your kids and pay less for hourly or daily university parking. Visiting the kids has never been so easy!


4th Oct 2021