Parking Booking Terms

Effective From: 19 May 2021

  1. General Terms

    1. The terms Guest, Host, and Booking in these Booking Terms have the same meaning as that defined in the Stashbee Terms and Conditions.
    2. The Booking Terms form an agreement between the Guest and the Host (together “the Parties”) for the use of the Parking Space. They incorporate all clauses of the Terms and Conditions and the Cancellations and Refunds policy, except where explicitly stated otherwise.
    3. The Host agrees to rent the parking space located at the address specified in the Booking made via the Stashbee platform (“the Parking Space”) to the Guest subject to these Booking Terms. The Parking Space could be located outdoors (such as on a driveway or a parking lot) or indoors (such as in a parking garage or a warehouse that is dedicated to vehicle parking).
    4. Guests can make one of two types of Booking on the Stashbee platform: a Booking with a fixed duration (an “Hourly Booking”) or a Booking with no fixed duration (a “Monthly Rolling Booking”).
    5. The Monthly Rental or Total Price (in the case of an Hourly Booking) for the Parking Space (referred to as “Fee” in the Terms and Conditions) is specified in the Booking agreed between the Guest and the Host via the Stashbee platform.
    6. Payment
      1. Monthly Rolling Bookings: the Monthly Rental shall be collected on a monthly basis by Stashbee on behalf of the Host. A refundable Security Deposit may also be collected if the Host has specified one in their Stashbee listing.
      2. Hourly Bookings: the Total Price due for the entire Booking will be collected by Stashbee on behalf of the Host at the time the Booking is confirmed.
      3. Host Payouts: Stashbee shall pay out the Monthly Rental or Total Price to the Host minus the Stashbee commission in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
    7. Ending a Monthly Rolling Booking:
      1. Neither Party shall be permitted to terminate the Booking before the end of the minimum rental period agreed between the two Parties via the Stashbee platform (“Minimum Rental Period”). The Minimum Rental Period commences on the start date of the Booking.
      2. If the Guest terminates the Booking before the end of the Minimum Rental Period, the Guest will be liable to pay any Monthly Rental due for the remainder of the Minimum Rental Period. In case of breach of this clause, Stashbee reserves the right to deduct any sums owed from the Security Deposit or to charge the Guest’s payment method.
      3. Either Party can end the Booking by providing one (1) calendar month’s notice to Stashbee and the other Party, unless otherwise agreed in writing via email to
      4. Until notice is provided by one of the Parties, the Booking will continue on a monthly rolling basis. Notice must be provided via email to or via the “Serve Notice” functionality in the Stashbee booking dashboard.
    8. Ending an Hourly Booking: no notice is required to end an Hourly Booking. It will automatically terminate on the end date and time specified in the Booking made on the Stashbee platform.
    9. Notwithstanding clauses 1.7 and 1.8, either Party will have the right to end the Booking with immediate effect if the other Party is found by Stashbee to have breached these Booking Terms.
  2. Guest Obligations

    1. The Guest has the right to park the vehicle identified in the Booking at the Host’s Parking Space for the duration specified in the Booking.
    2. The Guest will not:
      1. Sublet the Parking Space without prior written consent from both the Host and Stashbee.
      2. Use the Parking Space for any purpose other than parking.
      3. Conduct any business, commercial, or illegal activity from the Parking Space.
      4. Use the Parking Space to park a stolen vehicle or keep anything hazardous, illegal, or perishable in the vehicle while using the space. Forbidden items include, but are not limited to, weapons, explosives, drugs, flammable liquids, toxic materials, food, plants, or animals.
    3. The Guest will move out of the Parking Space on the end date and time specified in the Booking. The Guest will be liable to pay the full rental amount due for any overstay beyond the end of the Booking and authorises Stashbee to collect any such amount using the Guest’s payment method.
    4. The Guest will:
      1. Park the vehicle fully in the Parking Space without obstructing any adjacent or nearby parking spaces or property.
      2. Make sure that the Parking Space is clear of all waste and rubbish at all times, and leave it in the same state that they found it in upon departure at the end of the Booking.
      3. Ensure any gates used to access the space are always kept in the state in which they were found.
      4. Not do or permit to be done anything which causes or may cause a nuisance, damage or disturbance to anyone in the vicinity of the Parking Space.
      5. Give prior notice and obtain permission from the Host if the Guest is likely to obstruct access to the Host’s property by using the Parking Space.
      6. Return to the Host any access equipment (e.g., a key, fob or parking permit) at the end of the Booking. Failure or delay in fulfilling this obligation will result in the Guest being charged the full replacement cost of the access equipment, using either the Guest’s Security Deposit or the payment method provided when making the Booking.
    5. The Guest is responsible for having valid third-party insurance for the vehicle (including bicycles) to be parked in the Parking Space for the entire duration of the Booking.
  3. Host Obligations

    1. The Host confirms that they have full authority to use and allow third parties to use the Parking Space, including having the necessary permissions from any relevant third parties (e.g. a landlord, parking management company, local council, etc.).
      1. The Host agrees to reimburse the Guest for any parking-related charges and / or costs incurred as a direct result of the Host not having the necessary permissions to rent out the Parking Space.
    2. The Host will:
      1. Ensure the space is clear (e.g. from rubbish or other vehicles) for the Guest to access and park at all times specified on the Booking.
      2. Deal with any Guest queries or issues relating to the Parking Space or the Booking in a timely and satisfactory manner.
      3. Ensure any equipment required to gain entry to the Parking Space, such as a key or or fob, is in good working order and is provided to the Guest prior to or at the start of the Booking.
      4. Retain a copy of all keys or fobs given to the Guest.
      5. Be responsible for replacing any lock and key / fob to the Parking Space at their own expense unless the replacement is required due to a key or fob being lost or damaged by the Guest.
    3. In the unlikely event of a vehicle being abandoned in the Parking Space, the Host will be responsible for its removal in line with any procedures mandated by relevant bodies (e.g. local council, DVLA). Stashbee can provide guidance, but is not responsible for the clearance of abandoned vehicles and any vehicle removal costs.
  4. Parking Permits and PCNs

    1. The Host is responsible for providing the Guest with a parking permit that is valid from the start date for the duration of the Booking, should one be required in order to use the Parking Space.
    2. The Guest is responsible for keeping track of the expiry date of any parking permit provided and for notifying the Host if it is due to expire during the Booking.
      1. In the case of a Monthly Rolling Booking, the Guest is also responsible for notifying the Host (via the Stashbee chat function or via email) that the parking permit is about the expire at least 30 calendar days before the expiry date.
    3. The Host is responsible for renewing the parking permit before it expires and agrees to reimburse the Guest for any Parking / Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) or tickets incurred as a result of failure to provide the Guest with a valid parking permit for using the Parking Space.
    4. If the Guest fails to notify the Host that a parking permit needs to be renewed as outlined in clause 4.2, the Host’s obligation under clause 4.3 will be waived, and the Guest will be responsible for paying for any resulting PCNs or tickets.
    5. The Guest is responsible for any PCNs or tickets incurred due to their vehicle being parked incorrectly or unlawfully, or for failing to display a parking permit correctly at any time during the length of the Booking.
    6. The Guest is responsible for handling any applicable appeals procedures if a PCN is incurred during the Booking. The Host will assist the Guest in any appeals procedures where required.
  5. Other Important Terms

    1. Resolving disputes:
      1. In the event of a dispute relating to the Booking, the Guest and the Host agree to attempt to resolve it in the first instance directly between themselves.
      2. In case the dispute cannot be resolved directly between the Parties, either the Guest or the Host may refer it to Stashbee. While Stashbee is under no obligation to resolve a dispute, we may seek to do so, and any determinations made by Stashbee will be final and binding.
      3. The two Parties agree to use their best endeavours, including taking relevant action as requested by Stashbee, in order to bring the dispute to a satisfactory and timely resolution.
      4. In seeking to resolve a dispute, Stashbee may determine that the Guest owes an extra payment to the Host or that the Host must refund a payment received from the Guest in relation to the Booking.
      5. If Stashbee determines that a refund or other payment is owed to the Guest to settle a dispute, we may use any funds we are holding on behalf of the Host (such as a pending payout) or request that the Host transfer funds already paid out back to Stashbee.
      6. If the Guest has paid the Host outside of the Stashbee platform, then the Guest will be responsible for recovery of any refund owed from the Host.
    2. Both Parties are responsible for informing Stashbee in writing of any breach of these Booking Terms as soon as reasonably possible, but no longer than 30 calendar days after finding out about the breach.
    3. Stashbee reserves the right to modify these Booking Terms at any time and at its discretion. In those instances, Stashbee will notify any impacted Guests and Hosts in advance. Modifications will not apply to Bookings that are ongoing at the time when the modifications take effect.

By agreeing to these Booking Terms, you also agree to be bound by the provisions of the following documents: