Jessica's Spare Room to Rent for Storage in Swindon

Hello we are a friendly family with a spare room we would like to rent out for storage. Everything will be removed from the room apart from curtains, bed and mattress. You are welcome to store as much as will fit in the room & on top of the bed/under the bed as much as you need & in the cupboard. The space is slightly larger than it states as I took away a little for the bed and cupboard.

Please feel free to message if you have any questions or would like to view. I am home 80% of the time.

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  71 sq ft.
  Prior Notice
£93 per month

Spare Room
Space size
71 sq ft.
£93 per month
Security deposit
None required
6.11 ft x 11.6 ft x 8.3 ft
Minimum rental
60 days
It's for one renter.
  Second floor
This space is on the second floor.
  Prior notice
Host must be notified for access.
  Host access
Host will grant access to the space.
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I am renting my spareroom for some extra pounds for my babies childcare x

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