for Rent in David's Warehouse in Ruislip

size approx 3 m x 3m Great space available within an existing warehouse. The ground floor is occupied however this space on the 1st floor is available up stairs. This space isn't suitable for individuals requiring high levels of access . Entering the space once or twice a week. - daily access would not be feasible.
This space is for Storage purposes only, not available to be used as a workspace.


  • CCTV
  • Roller Shutter
  • Lockable door

Operating hours:

  • Infrequent access only, access permitted on this basis between:
  • Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm


  • The price displayed is for the full space please enquire for a quote if you need less
  • No utilities or rates will be payable on this booking
  • The Price shown Is a pre-VAT price


  • Access to the first floor is via a set of wide stairs (14 steps)
  • There is a possibility to lift pallets into the space via a forklift from the ground floor.
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  95 sq ft.
  Specific Hours
£157 per month

Space size
95 sq ft.

£157 per month

£1.65 per sq ft.

£1,884 per year

£19.80 per sq ft.

Security deposit
1 month's rent


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Very Responsive
Very Experienced

open 7am til 5pm monday to friday. any questions please ask

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