Robert's Loft to Rent for Storage in Norwich

Loft only - garage floor unavailable.

Large storage space available in the boarded loft of our double garage. One half of the loft is reserved for our own belongings, the other half is empty.

The space is approximately 5.5m long from the front wall to the back wall. The garage roof is apexed and there are angled trusses which break up the space somewhat so it's better suited to multiple separate boxes rather than a few large items. The width of one half is 2.4m but the roof reaches the floor at the edge, so the usable width is closer to 1.75m. The height of the roof is 0.9m at the first truss and then 1.7m at the centre apex (see photos).

There is no heating in the garage, and there are some spiders, so sealed boxes are best suited! We have left many things up there since last winter though and they came out in the same condition they went in, except for some dust.

Access to the loft is via a ladder and an opening approximately 0.6mx1.0m, although this can be slightly widened.

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  104 sq ft.
  Prior Notice
£99 per month

Space size
104 sq ft.
£99 per month
Security deposit
None required
5.74 ft x 18.04 ft x 3.28 ft
Minimum rental
60 days
It's for one renter.
  First floor
This space is on the first floor.
  Prior notice
Host must be notified for access.
  Host access
Host will grant access to the space.
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Looking forward to looking after your stuff!

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