Ivy's Parking Space to Rent in East London

Our space is situated on a family close with neighbours who have lived together for over 20 years. The space is at the end of the street, away from the main road. Adjacent on the street across, there is a camera that can oversee onto the drive. I work from home which means someone is available to oversee on most occasions throughout the day too.

The space is situated directly outside of our home in a driveway off of the close. There are many transport links. A W11 bus stop within a 30 second walk both directions. The 158 and W15 bus stop a 5 minute walk away and also the 123 bus another 5/6 minute walk away. Walthamstow Central Station is a 10 minute walk away and bus W11 AND W15 runs directly there too.

Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you need any further information.

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  181 sq ft.
  Any Time
£193 per month     £2.80 per hour

Parking Space
Space size
Extra Large | 181 sq ft.
£193 per month  |  £2.80 per hour
Security deposit
None required
9.19 ft x 19.69 ft
Minimum rental
30 minutes
It's for one renter.
  Ground level
This space is at ground level.
  Any time
It's free to access any time.
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