Alvin's Spare Room to Rent for Storage in Thornton Heath

Very quiet residential area. Safe neighborhood watch, clean house. Owner lives at the property. Lock on door. Can turn heating off in the room if required. One light. Draw down blinds.

Property is usually occupied. Safe neighborhood. Community residential area.

Parking permit required to park on road.

As a host I can provide a safe space for storage of items. I will provide a lock and key for the room. If access is required then I'm a phone call away at 24 hours notice.

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  40 sq ft.
  Prior Notice
£231 per month

Spare Room
Space size
40 sq ft.
£231 per month
Security deposit
None required
7.6 ft x 5.3 ft x 7.5 ft
Minimum rental
30 days
It's for one renter.
  First floor
This space is on the first floor.
  Prior notice
Host must be notified for access.
  Host access
Host will grant access to the space.
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