Auzir's Parking Space to Rent in Croydon | Unit B 181 sq ft

My house where I live can accommodate Multiple spaces for vehicles located on Mitcham Road in Croydon. The space is big enough to fit vans and minibuses. It is very safe and has No trees or anything that could damage your car or paintwork.
Its also got security lighting and security cameras that are on 24hrs a day 7days a week. The house has always got people inside to keep a look out for anything dodgy. It also has electric socket and water supply.

I have my mum and dad living at this address so they are always around keeping everyone and everything safe but generally it is safe anyway.

Location is perfect as its bang in tbe middle and has most things everyone needs nearby.

Help is always available.

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  181 sq ft.
  Any Time
£134 per month     £2 per hour

Parking Space
Space size
Extra Large | 181 sq ft.
£134 per month  |  £2 per hour
Security deposit
None required
9.19 ft x 19.69 ft
Minimum rental
30 minutes
It's for one renter.
  First floor
This space is on the first floor.
  Any time
It's free to access any time.
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APCOA Croydon

£129 /mo

Heyyy! OK so this is my first time using stashbee and soo here goes! :)

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