Dagney's Shed to Rent for Storage in Hatfield

Brick shed with locked door. Can add padlock if so desired.

I am on the end of the street - a location that many struggle to find as its entrance Is not obvious. The shed door faces my front door and I can see it from my living room.

15 min from train station.

I live here so am always around.

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  32 sq ft.
  Prior Notice
£19 per month

Space size
32 sq ft.
£19 per month
Security deposit
9.84 ft x 3.28 ft x 9.84 ft
Minimum rental
30 days
  Shared with Host
Host is using part of the space.
  Ground level
This space is at ground level.
  Prior notice
Host must be notified for access.
  Key provided
Host will provide you a key.
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