Veronica's Parking Space to Rent in Hyde | Unit B 142 sq ft

These are private parking spaces, fully monitored, accessible from side road. Hyde Bus Station is 5mins walk, Train 2mins walk (Multiple: Flowery Field, Hyde Central, North) Accessible Transportation to Trams to Ashton, Manchester City Centre/Piccadilly.

4 Large Spaces: 2.5x5.5m
3 Medium Spaces: 2.5x5m

There is also secure private storage for motorbikes that I never use.

It’s a safe neighbourhood area, affordable secure safe for business parking, great and accessible space when you’re on holidays or just in town dropping by to visits the great landscape of Tameside!

I will be at the space everyday as I work from home.

As mentioned I don’t use the space because I commute with train or bus!

If there are any problems, just ring me or text me and I will reply back asap.

Thank you.

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  142 sq ft.
  Any Time
£78 per month     £1.20 per hour

Parking Space
Space size
Large | 142 sq ft.
£78 per month  |  £1.20 per hour
Security deposit
None required
7.87 ft x 18.04 ft
Minimum rental
30 minutes
It's for one renter.
  Ground level
This space is at ground level.
  Any time
It's free to access any time.
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Got any questions about this space? Whether it's to do with availability, access, size, or anything else, feel free to get in touch!

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