Ebenezer's Spare Room to Rent for Storage in Liverpool

  1. Room Size: 2.7m x 2.7m x 2.7m

  2. Furnishing: rooms are empty, allowing you more space to store your items.

  1. Safety: No leakages, Windows covered with blinds and curtains can be used to prevent seeing through. Fire and smoke detectors available. Locked.
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  7 sq ft.
  Prior Notice
£7 per month

Spare Room
Space size
7 sq ft.
£7 per month
Security deposit
2.7 ft x 2.7 ft x 2.7 ft
Minimum rental
30 days
It's for one renter.
  Ground level
This space is at ground level.
  Prior notice
Host must be notified for access.
  Key provided
Host will provide you a key.
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