Hunce's Parking Space to Rent in Dagenham

Medium parking space in Dagenham. Surrounded by many amenities such as a wide park , gym, trampoline park ,grocery stores and more.The site is also coupled with something money can’t buy, what is that you ask? Love. Yes love. The house the driveway is connected is home to a Muslim family that take pride in community and respect I am part of this family and I can definitely attest to that. Having your car parked here wouldn’t bring nothing but benefits,of course times can get ambiguous but together we will persevere through the hardships. We

Daily inspection and community awareness would be active at the spot at all times. Everyday I’ll be checking your car not only that the neighbourhood is flooded with security camera’s which is a plus.I have a deep relationship with the landlords and housing providers so if there’s any problem that’s needs major fixing I can always bring it up to them.

The neighbourhood is very community based and the locals are very friendly and conscious of each other wellbeing and such. Cars are everywhere not only that any type of wrong doing being done will be suspected by the locals very quickly so there is nothing to worry about.

As a host i look forward to welcoming and provided warmth and comfortablitu for anybody using our parking spaces. To me your presence is always prioritised so any type of concerns or enquires just throw them my way I’ll be more then happy to respond. With parking times and availability we all know life can be unpredictable and if there’s any grey area or inconvenience pertaining to the parking space I’ll let you know ahead of time

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  129 sq ft.
  Any Time
£110 per month     £1.60 per hour

Parking Space
Space size
Medium | 129 sq ft.
£110 per month  |  £1.60 per hour
Security deposit
None required
7.87 ft x 16.4 ft
Minimum rental
30 minutes
It's for one renter.
  Ground level
This space is at ground level.
  Any time
It's free to access any time.
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