Stefano's Basement to Rent for Storage in South West London

Great Basement available to rent for storage of household goods, business storage, boxes and other items. The is located within my property and is ready and available today for you to book or view.

Minimum rental: 2 months

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  133 sq ft.
  Prior Notice
£165 per month

Space size
133 sq ft.
£165 per month
Security deposit
None required
10.17 ft x 13.12 ft x 4.92 ft
Minimum rental
60 days
It's for one renter.
  Below ground level
This space is below ground level.
  Prior notice
Host must be notified for access.
  Host access
Host will grant access to the space.
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Architect based in London for 20 years plus. Living in my own house. Basement space only for storage (not habitable) - there isn't enough height to stand. I only go there to pick up my storage boxes or to store things. Not a habitable room, literally a store room only, underground accessible though a staircase in the kitchen. Better storing things in boxes / closed plastic sheets / protected as it gets a bit humid. I leave my stuff there (objects/clothes/tools/papers/paintings...) and its not a problem. Questions, please ask!

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