Charlene's Parking Space to Rent in East London

Fantastic private, off-road parking space available! It's a 5 minute walk to Walthamstow Central Station!

There is a chain that locks of other car access to the space and faux CCTV signs to deter anyone else from accessing the space

required (refundable)
Minimum rental: 1 month

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  129 sq ft.
  Any Time
£132 per month     £1.70 per hour

Parking Space
£132 per month  |  £1.70 per hour
Security deposit
None required
Space size
Medium | 129 sq ft.
7.87 ft x 16.4 ft
Minimum rental
30 minutes
It's for one renter.
  Ground level
This space is at ground level.
  Any time
It's free to access any time.
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Very Responsive

I am a writer, journalist and part-time baker living in the quiet residential area of E17. We moved here last year, but I am only starting to familiarise myself with the trendy bars, wetlands and forests these past two months as I'd been away on work.

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