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"The money just comes ticking through and you don't have to do anything"

Jean-Pierre, long term Host


How much can I make?

Your earnings will depend on what kind of space you have and where it's located. You can find an earnings calculator at the top of this page.

What COVID-19 safety is in place?

There are many things you can do to keep your booking safe during COVID-19. We suggest arranging remote key handover, offering virtual viewings, and always sticking to social distancing guidelines.

Check out our full guide here.

What are the notice periods?

Guests need to serve at least 1 month's notice to end their booking, unless it's a short-term parking booking which will have a fixed end time.

Does Stashbee charge a fee?

It’s totally free to list your space. We do charge a small Host fee of 5% that’s deducted from your earnings for each booking. The fee allows us to provide you with great Host benefits!

Feeling Secure with Stashbee

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we weren’t doing our very best to protect you and your information.

Find out how you can feel secure hosting with Stashbee.

Guaranteed Payments

Verified Guests

Easy Payments

Stashbee Support

Renting out your storage or parking space should be an easy and exciting experience. Whether you’re a first time Host or have been greeting Guests for months, we’re always here to answer any questions you may have.


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List your space for free

  • Listing your space is an easy process, especially if you come prepared. It’s important to have accurate measurements of your space, so you’ll want to have those on hand before you begin putting together your listing. Oh, you’ve already got your measurements ready to go? Great! Let’s start creating your listing.
  • Next you’ll want to upload a few well-lit pictures of your space. If you’re no photography pro, no worries. Just remember that landscape orientation will work best for showcasing your listing. To avoid any disorienting angles, try to align the walls of your space with the sides of your frame to get a straight shot (the grid feature on a smartphone is a handy tool for this).
  • Then you’ll want to fill out as many details as you can about your space. This is where you can shout-out any specifics about your space that aren’t apparent in photos. Will Guests be able to access the parking space 24/7? Does it include security? For bonus points, add in which stations are closest to your listing - our most successful Hosts have made a habit of this.
  • You can place a pin on our listings map to let Guests know where you’re located, but don’t worry - your exact address won’t be shared with Guests unless you decide to share it from your booking dashboard. As an added security measure, we ask that Guests verify their identity before they can view your address. Real human? Check!
  • When you feel your listing is looking good, you can go ahead and publish it yourself. Our helpful team keeps an eye on new listings, so watch out for our top tips on how you can improve your listing and gain some solid bookings as soon as you can.

Get enquiries

  • Once your listing is live on the search map, Guests will be able to message you with questions about the space. You’ll be notified every time you get an enquiry, so keep an eye on your emails.
  • You’ll have 24 hours to respond before the enquiry expires, so make sure you reply as soon as you can. You’ll still be able to view and respond even after the enquiry has expired, so don't worry too much if you don't get to it in time.
  • This is the time to get to know the Guest and help them decide if the space is right, so make sure you answer all their questions. Your Guest might want to see the space before they book it, so you can arrange a viewing with them. Virtual viewings are also a great option, if you'd prefer!
  • The Guest will book the space as soon as they're ready, so make sure you accept the booking. When listing your space, you can also turn on Instant Book so you don't have to pre-approve bookings.

Get Paid

  • And now, the information you’ve been waiting for! Getting paid through our cashless payment processor, Stripe, means your payments are deposited directly into your bank account. Woot woot!
  • Your first payment (something worth celebrating) will be one month after the start date of your booking, and will be paid out every month on that date thereafter.

Feeling Secure

1. Payment protection

Your payment details will never be shared with anyone other than our secure payment processors at Stripe. You’re also protected under our Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy, and Host Guarantee. These policies protect you and your information, regardless of what happens with a booking, so you can feel secure throughout the whole process.

2. Host protection

We know that Hosting should be a hassle-free process, and there are some things you can do to help this along.

  • Confirm that by listing your space you won’t be breaching an agreement with your mortgage lender or landlord.
  • Understand if your insurance provider is on board with you listing your space. Either way, it’s good practice to review your coverage every now and then.
  • Know which tax exemptions apply to you and which don’t

Those are some smart steps you can take to protect yourself as a Host before your booking ever begins. And, as always, if there’s anything we can do to support your experience as a Host, we’re here!

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